Weekend Recap

I have definitely not kept up with posting, but I had some quality time to clear my mind, catch up on some sleep, and spend have fun with friends. Because I’ve been so caught up in working out and saving money, I haven’t really made time to unwind with friends over some delish drinks. What a shame, since that’s part of what my blog is supposed to be about :\ I promise I made up for it on Thursday night 🙂


I was so sleepy onFriday at work from staying out so late. @_@ So, I decided to keep it low-key. I bought season 2 of Modern Family, got into my pjs, and cuddled up with Mochi. Perfect night.

Cuddle Bug

On Saturday, I woke up FREEEEEEZING! Fall has finally come to Colorado. I’d been basking in the 80 degree weather ignoring the fact that we’re into October and snow would be on it’s way. Saturday was full of rain and the occassional snowflake, but I braved the cold and headed out to the BodyPump 79 release event. Wow! What a killer workout. I can safely say that it is the toughest release that I’ve completed, and my body is feeling it for sure. The free bagels with pumpkin schmear from Einstein’s made it all better 🙂 You know what made it even better? Getting to spend some awesome catch-up time with my pledge sisters from college because Sarah was in town from San Francisco. Despite the crappy weather, we had a blast. Dim sum, brewery tours, and dancing anyone? I also got to take a 3 hour nap sometime during the day. I ❤ naps.

My (Next) Personal Running Record

I’ve just recently (2 weeks in) taken an interest in running because Thao somehow convinced me to do the Portland Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon with her in May 2012. This has been a major WTF moment for me because, you see, I’ve never been able to run more than 2 miles in one go. Because of this minor detail, I’ve decided to start training 8 months in advance. I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised with myself and am happy I started so early, despite everyone telling me that I’m being ridiculous haha.

My very first run called for 3 miles. I saw the number and my legs went leaden, but I completed the run on a treadmill. Oh, and it was EASY! *confused look* Easy? It looks like the past couple of months of HIIT, boot camp, and strength training have paid off in more ways than I originally thought.  I must admit that I did this first run on a treadmill because the thought of running outdoors terrified me (notice the past tense?). I felt so full of life and hope that I convinced myself to do my 4 mile run later that week outdoors. My awesome friend, Maly, decided to run with me, and we completed 4 miles in under 43 minutes! This may sound so incredibly slow to all of you, but I’ve never run that “fast” in my entire life, and it was only my first week of running. It was definitely tough because of the hills, uneven surfaces, and overall distance, but I made it!

All of the books that I’ve been reading say that this phase in running is incredibly rewarding because of the milestones that you reach so quickly, and I couldn’t agree more. I was initially disappointed this week because both of my 3 mile runs were so incredibly hard during the week. My legs were heavy, my breathing was off, and I was just plain exhausted. I listened to my body, and let it rest, have some libations, and chill out (recap above). Maly suggested we run together again today to attack my 5 miler, and I happily agreed. She’s been an awesome running buddy because she pushes me a little faster and farther with tons of encouragement along the way; I am looking forward to our Sunday long runs. Even with the great company, I was seriously nervous from my bad runs during the week and the fact that it was COLD and windy. Gross. It looked pretty outside though.

Sloan's Lake

We kept up about a 10 min/mi pace for the first 4 miles, and rocked out. Unfortunately, I really needed a walking break. My left foot and the left side of my lower back were feeling funky and needed a break. After the walk break, everything felt good to go, and we finished our 5th mile before easing down to a walk for the rest of the way to our cars. I’ve now set my brand new personal distance record, and I felt absolutely fantastic. Now it’s time to unwind before the start of the work week…ick.

P.S. Look at this crazy contraption that I saw while driving back home. Hot dogs anyone?

If I were an Oscar Meyer weiner...


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