Doing the Stanky Leg

I have a full on love/hate relationship with Colorado weather. One moment it’s beautiful; the next it’s windy/snowing/raining/hailing/sleeting/(insert precipitation here). We do get more than 300 days of sunshine a year, but be prepared! Luckily, the weather decided to show it’s pretty face today, and gave me gorgeous views for a short run.

While running down a trail by my place.

My run, however, was less than ideal. I set out to log about 3 miles, but had to cut it short and walk home to make it a 2.25mi run/walk that took forever….like almost 30 minutes. After my run yesterday, my upper, left leg started to bother me, but it went away halfway through today. I decided to try to take an easy run to test it out, and out came the stanky leg

It also turns out that I need to learn to pace myself because I was all over the place while actually running: between 6-10 minute miles. This probably also contributed to my gimpiness. Once I got home, I took an ice bath (another love/hate) and rolled my legs like it was going out of style. It must have done the trick because my leg is feeling close to normal again, but I’ll be sure to not run for a day or two to make sure. Mochi was not impressed.

"Mom, toss me a ball or something."

For dinner I made Salsa Pork Chops in the crock pot. Salsa Chicken is wayyyy better, but the pork chops were already thawed, and it tasted good anyway. I didn’t want to take a picture because it looked quite narsty after the addition of black beans and goat cheese lol. Tomorrow is a long day with a full schedule of tutoring after my day job, so off to relax!


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