C is for Cookie

Hello, everyone! I hope that your night has been half as relaxing as mine has been.

There’s a place in downtown Denver called The Sante Fe Cookie Co, but everyone in my office affectionately refers to it generically as “The Cookie Lady”. She bakes a variety of fresh cookies, cupcakes, and brownies all day long. The cookies themselves are nothing to write home about, but there’s just something about having a fresh baked, hot cookie that can’t be beat. Especially at 3/$1…all those mall cookie shops need to reconsider their pricing.

Republic Plaza Food Court. Check it out!

She’s really popular, so sometimes you only have 2-3 choices, so I opted for the Space Chip aka M&M cookies. OH! I didn’t even mention the best part! To ensure she keeps her baked goods stocked up by baking round the clock, payment is entirely on the honor system. You pick your poison, drop a dollar in the giant jug, and walk out the door. For real, no cash register here.

I was down to 1 before I got a picture...

-Superset 1: bicep curls +tricep extensions (3×15)
-Superset 2: decline chest press + bent over rows (3×15)
-Superset 3: upright rows (3×15) + pushups (3×10)
-Superset 4: squats + deadlifts (3×15)
-Superset 5: lunges (3×15 per leg) + calf raises (3×15)
-Side planks (30 sec per side)
-Various pulsing crunches on ball

Mochi likes to bother me when I’m too lazy to drive to the gym and workout at home.

Who, me?
I’m training to be Spiderman. The ceiling is REALLY close, I swear!

I’ll be taking it easy for the rest of the night by curling up with a book before the lights go out. Good night!

P.S. Did it feel like Friday today for you, too?

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