I Scream for Ice Cream

Happy Thursday! I am definitely not a morning person, so hearing my alarm go off at 5:30am makes me feel something like this…


The cold 30 degree weather outside this morning made it extra difficult to get myself out of bed. Mochi wasn’t really looking forward to the cold either…clearly.

You should just plant a patch of grass in the room.


As stated, I eat the same exact breakfast every single morning during the work week, so I didn’t bother with a new picture.

After dinner last night, I made enough chicken stir fry with brown rice to last for 4 meals because Thursday is one of my long days. On top of my desk job, I tutor a few students in English, history, SAT prep, and just about anything else they need help with. Making a big meal on Wednesday ensures I have healthy-ish meals for Thursday and Friday.

I always remember I need a picture after I've already started eating...oops!

I ate the same thing for dinner since I didn’t get home until about 8pm. It’s a good thing I like leftovers just fine 🙂

During my healthy grocery shopping binge yesterday, I picked up a 12-pack of these babies.

You thought I meant beer, didn't you?

I love ice cream, and this ensures that I only eat a reasonable portion in one sitting. I know I’m boring, but don’t hate on the vanilla. I need to get a few things done for work before I head to bed, so have a great night!

Question: What’s your favorite dessert?




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