The Calm Before the Storm

Hi Everyone! Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday. My roomie and I were having a dinner party and movie night at our place that ended pretty late. It was such a good time and a much needed break from the craziness of work.

I’m going to be working late pretty much all next week due to it being end of fiscal year at work, so I’m going to be doing as many low-key activities this weekend as I can possibly fit in. So far, it’s going just swell 🙂

Friday Shenanigans

Several of my roomie’s college friends were coming over last night, so I decided to join them. It’s always great to hang out with new groups of people, especially when everyone gets along so well. Nicole was in charge of making a main vegetarian dish, so I helped her make a veggie-only version of my delish sauce with spaghetti squash.

Ingredients for yummy semi-homemade sauce.

I was obviously posing since my knife is not even on the onion hahaha 😛

The end result turned out fantastic, and all the stuff everyone brought was so yummy! We ended up with a great salad, butternut squash soup, garlic bread, red velvet cupcakes (not pictured), and adult beverages. Perfect!


Look at him begging.

After we finished our feast, we decided to watch Bridesmaids! I’ve been wanting to watch this since forever, so I was glad to finally get the chance. I thought it would be more like a female version of The Hangover, but it still ended up being a great movie for our girl’s night.

Now back to today…


I went to the gym this morning to catch a 9:00 BodyPump class. I still had some energy left to burn afterwards, so I hit the treadmill for a light 2 mile jog and called it a day.

I just realized how much I really HATE running on a treadmill. In order to make the time go by, I worked on my stride since I noticed I mainly stick to doing the “runner’s shuffle”. It definitely made the time go by quicker, and I was comfortably able to lengthen my stride…let’s just hope I can do it outdoors.


I made myself a bowl of pumpkin oats this morning. I’ve been making this almost every Saturday, but I’m finally all out of pumpkin. Time to stock up again!

After eating, showering, and being productive napping, I ate a quick lunch of yesterday’s leftovers + Chobani and left the house. I really needed to get some work done, so I headed to Dazbog Coffee to have a work date with Quynh.

The internet there was being really spotty, so I mostly ended up chatting for a bit and then heading back home to work for a couple of hours. So exciting, I know 😦

Now I’m off to dinner with my sorority family line. Have a great evening!


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