Preventing ‘Puke Face’

Happy Saturday afternoon! I hope that your Halloween weekend started off with a bang.

Being that this is a healthy living-esque blog that follows my life, I try to do the right things for myself all most of the time. Sometimes, my efforts are a major fail, and my body is always sure to let me know that it’s not happy…right away (and that b*h is always right).

Let’s do a quick rewind to dinner last night, which was fantastic and much needed after a crummy day at work. I met Quynh at Kona Grill for happy hour because I was starving. We shared the sliders and chicken satay in addition to our spicy tuna rolls.


After dinner, I was rushing around trying to piece together a costume of some sort. It took a heck of a lot longer than anticipated, so I didn’t get the chance to post. All that I ended up buying was a white dress shirt from the little boys section. I must warn you that I am one of those girls who thoroughly enjoys barely dressing myself as scandalously as possible. I know that it’s stupid and objectifying of women, but I won’t be young and single forever. Plus, it’s just one two nights of the year where I allow myself to leave the house without appropriate attire (swim suits don’t count).

This year, I was both cheap and uninspired, so I decided to use that white shirt I bought to go as “The Morning After Girl”. Classy, I know. My friend is actually Tom Cruise from Risky Business in case you were wondering.


Now to get to the point of my post for today: Preventing ‘Puke Face’.

It’s nights like last that I remember why I choose to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle that doesn’t resemble my alchy college days. I’ve been enjoying a cocktail or beer here and there, but I only have one (two if I’m feeling extra edgy lol) and call it a night. That means if I go out on a Friday night, I have a drink, socialize, and leave by 11 so that I can make it to BodyPump at 9am on Saturday morning…alive.

Last night, however, I got too carried away and was a stinkin mess by the time we left. This is not attractive, nor does it make you feel very good. It also leads to what I call ‘puke face’, which is my generic term for how people look post binge drinking, regardless of if they actually puked or not. [For the record: I thankfully did, in fact, vomit. I’m ashamed, but I felt a million times better.]

Being that I had to come into the office today to do some work, I did not want the dreaded puke face for obvious reasons. So how do you avoid the puke face?

Preventing Puke Face

  • Drink as much water as possible before going to bed and after waking up. You need hydration, stat.
  • Shower. Nothing is worse than going in with your pores reeking of alcohol.
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly and gargle several times with mouthwash. I would also suggest keeping mints/gum handy.
  • Drop some Visine into your peepers because dry, bloodshot eyes are kinda scary and will give you away.
  • Pop some aspirin/Tylenol/Advil/whatever because a headache is sure to come.
  • DO. YOUR. MAKEUP. Yes, I know you feel like crap and don’t care to look good, but your face needs all of the help it can get right now.
Those had-too-much nights happen to the best of us (hopefully not too frequently), but following all of these steps helps to keep you from looking as bad as you feel on the inside. I hope that you have an awesome, fun Halloween weekend with only moderate amounts of drinking, if possible.

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