25 Years Later

Happy Humpday! Today is extra special for me because it’s my birthday! Woohoo for cheaper insurance rates šŸ˜›

25 years ago today, my loving mother gave birth to a tiny 5lb blob she would come to know as her daughter…at 3am. I know because she called me this morning to tell me so hahaha. I thought it would be fun to scan some old baby photos. If only things were digital back in the 80s!

newborn hospital photo

Ā 25 Randoms from the Last Year (in no particular order)

1) Taking a spontaneous trip to Barcelona, Spain.



2) Being single again. This may sound negative, but my ridiculous breakup was the best thing that ever happened to me šŸ™‚

3) Getting promoted.

en route to the Grand Canyon

4) Starting a blog. It’s been really fun looking back at some of my posts to see what I randomly babbled about.

5) Denver Street Chalk Art Festival

Chalk Art Festival

6) Company prize trips! Need I say more? I got to go to Park City, UT and New Orleans, LA for (mostly) free.

7) Bachelorette party for a good friend in Vegas.

Our home for the weekend.

8) Celebrating our 5 year anniversary with my line sisters in Glenwood Springs, CO.

Thao and I our junior year of undergrad back in 2008.

9) Moving into a fantabulous new apartment with attached garage. Bring it on, winter!

10) Sunny days at the park with friends + Mochi.

Team BBQ

11) Getting closer to my mom. I was a brat when I was younger.

12) Changing my tail lights on my car all by myself.

1st Birthday w/my traditional Korean gear + grandma and older cousin

13) Signing up for my first race. Portland RnR Half Marathon, May 2012!

14) Signing up for an earlier half marathon because I’m already ready. Surf City Half, Feb 2012 šŸ™‚

15) Online dating. Only thing I can say was: that was interesting….

16) Seeing a personal trainer.

17) Snowboarding with my sister for the first time.

18) Being able to fit into my “skinny” clothes again!

last photo from my 21st birthday...the camera was drunk, too. (I'm on bottom)

19) Free Boyz II Men concert at Taste of Colorado.


20)Ā Denver Restaurant Week (can it be March already??)

21)Ā Hiking 14’er #2: Mt Bierstadt- elevation14,060 ft.


22)Ā The Script + Safety Suit concert

23) Feeling comfortable in my own skin.

24) All of my crazy adventures with friends.

surrounded by cousins and my youngest aunt

25) Healthier than ever and ready to bring on the next quarter of a century!

I’ll be getting off of work early today to head to the dentist, but I actually like going to the dentist, so no big deal. Then I’ll see if I have enough time to squeeze in a run before dinner with some close friends tonight, which I’m super excited for. I’ll partying it up with more people this weekend! Ā I think this is the most fun birthday I’ve had planned in awhile, so I can’t wait to get this party started.

I hope that your day is swell, and I’ll be sure to catch you up on tonight’s delish eats tomorrow.

Question of the Day: What were some highlights from this past year?


A Green Fine Day

Hey, everyone! I’m just loving all of these Christmas decorations that are coming up, aren’t you?


Shopping at lunch is awesome. No crazy people!

The diameter of this wreath is probably two of me.

Christmas started a tad bit early for my family. My siblings and I all chipped in money to get my mom a new couch for Christmas, but I’m not down in Colorado Springs very often, so we had to purchase it early. This might seem like an odd gift, but my mom always puts things for herself after taking care of us kids. She also loves to have her friends over, so we decided to help spruce up the living area.

While my brother made up an excuse as to why he needed her to pick him up from school late, my sister and her boyfriend hauled in the new couch. Then, they video-conferenced me in via cell phone so that I could watch the big surprise. My mom was so excited and happy, and I was glad to be able to watch it at least through video. Hooray for smart phones! That just made my day because my mom is the best šŸ™‚


When Thao asked what I had planned for lunch, I was pretty sure she was hinting that we go to get some amazing salads, and (luckily) I was right!

Green Fine Salad

I’m seriously addicted to this place and would eat it every day if it were cheaper, but you get what you pay for! Take a look at this assortment of salad fixings.

It’s like a Chipotle for salads on crack. In addition to all of those toppings, they also have about 5 different types of greens Ā and over 15 different dressings to choose from. I’m in love.

My usual Metropolis salad with extra avocado…drool. It’s especially nice because they chop it for you at the end of the line so that it’s easy to eat.


After I let my dinner digest a big, I’m going to head to the gym to knock out this 3 mile run on my training planĀ along with an upper body workout. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I won’t be heading off to TRX class šŸ™‚ Gotta get in the strength training early!

I hope that the rest of your night goes well, and I’ll have a fun throwback post for you tomorrow!

Question of the Day: What’s the best gift that you’ve ever given anyone?

Rookie Mistake

Hello! I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad bit embarrassed. If any of you stopped by during the four hour time span when I had a veryĀ incomplete blog post up, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Note to self: don’t set a publish date for later in the day when you don’t have time to finish a post. Lesson learned and moving on!

I drove to work with the weirdest sunrise I’ve seen in awhile. Excuse the incredibly blurry phone-pic-while-driving shot I had to take. It was the traffic god’s way of letting me know I should be looking at the road.


You can’t really tell from the picture, but the clouds were really yellowish and looked like they were taking over the otherwise beautiful blue/pink sunrise.

I had a busy day at work today with it being the end of the month and 3.5 hours of tutoring after, so I’m happy today is my rest day. Yay for rest days!

Speaking of work, check out this goofy little picture that one of my friends drew on the whiteboard at my desk. Okay, it wasn’t for me, but we had to move around our cubes, and I inherited the lion.


Way better than your typical office decor, no?


When my sister asked what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, I didn’t know what to ask for that was in a college budget (considerate sister I am). Therefore, I asked for running socks and her boyfriend’s tamarind soup. It’s a Filipino dish that he learned from his mom, and it’s seriously GOOD. I honestly don’t know what a tamarind is, so I just Googled it.

The hard green pulp of a young fruit is considered by many to be too sour and acidic, but is often used as a component of savory dishes, as aĀ picklingĀ agent or as a means of making certain poisonousĀ yamsĀ inĀ GhanaĀ safe forĀ human consumption.

The ripened fruit is considered the more palatable, as it becomes sweeter and less sour (acidic) as it matures. It is used in desserts as aĀ jam, blended into juices or sweetened drinks,Ā sorbets,Ā ice creamsĀ and all manner of snacks. It is also consumed as a naturalĀ laxative.

In Western cuisine, it is found inĀ Worcestershire sauce,[8]Ā andĀ HP sauce. (source)

Hmm…that might sound sketchy, but he just uses powdered tamarind base to give the soup a very slightly sour taste.

I’ve never watched him make it, but I know that it has pork, string beans, tomato, onion, and cabbage. It could have gasoline in it for all I care because it’s so yummy. Okay…maybe not gasoline, but you get my drift. I took some for lunch with some white rice šŸ™‚

I’m planning on hitting the sack a bit early tonight, so I’ll catch you all tomorrow!

Question of the Day: What’s the most interesting ingredient that you use in your cooking?