TAG…You’re It

Hey Everyone! Yay for being halfway through the week 🙂

Look what I woke up to this morning…


So dark at 6am.

Mochi in snow

He likes the snow.

It was absolutely FREEEEEEZING….like 20 degrees. Brrr! Driving to work was not fun, but it didn’t take as long as I was expecting thanks to snow plows! That is what I am thankful for todays Be Thankful Challenge.


I was looking forward to my usual breakfast of oatmeal + almond butter + chia seeds, but there was a surprise addition today…


pumpkin bread! One of my coworkers brought some in for us today, so I crumbled it on top of my hot oatmeal. It was a nice treat 🙂


Today’s lunch looks just like the one from Monday. I’m finally all out of rotisserie chicken though.

Dinner @ TAG

To casually celebrate my promotion, my roomie and I decided to finally use my Google deal for Osteria Marco, one of my fave restaurants, but today just happened to be the ONE DAY that they were closed off for a private event…go figure 😦

Larimer Square

Larimer Square at night (the lights are on all year round).

Good thing there are a ton of great restaurants in Larimer Square, so we settled on TAG. A continental American/Asian “social” restaurant…whatever that means…


It’s a bit pricey of a place, and we weren’t planning on spending a ton of money (since I already bought the restaurant deal), so we stuck to their happy hour menu.

Da Bomb Sliders: Fresh Kobe Beef, Caramelized Shallots, & Bernaise Sauce……Yum!


The SMALLEST sliders ever!


Look! It's a two-bite slider and a side of chin rolls hahaha 😦

Baja Tacos: Baja Fish, Avocado, and Baja Slaw….meh

Fish Taco

Fish Tacos

Ahi Roll and Crispy Salmon Roll- served with a side of Korean kalbi sauce…yummy!


❤ Sushi

We were still a bit hungry afterwards, so we stopped by a Chinese restaurant to get some soup and lunch for tomorrow 😛 Overall, we had an enjoyable night filled with yummy foods.

We also took a stop to Petsmart to get Mochi a sweater. He’s been freezing and keeps getting snow/ice matted into his fur, so I keep having to bathe his underbelly (Mochi HATES baths).

Bath Time

Time for a bath! Save me!!!

He’s looking very handsome in his new sweater though, wouldn’t you agree? (Below photos courtesy of my fab roomie and her iPhone lol).

Dog Model

He loves me despite the forced baths.

I’m taking an off day today because I’m feeling a bit under the weather (pun intended), so it’s time to do some dishes and curl up into bed. It’s in the teens tonight, so I will be dressing extra warm 😉

Question of the Day: When was a time that you didn’t get to do something as planned?


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