Say Freeze

Hola~ I hope that you’ve had a good week so far; it’s almost FRIDAY! Woohooo 🙂


I actually wasn’t feeling well this morning when I woke up, so I called in to work and got some more zzz’s. When I finally woke up, my roomie was about to make breakfast, so I made some pumpkin oats, and she made scrambled eggs. We never eat breakfast together since our schedules are different, so it was a nice change in the (late) morning.


Afterwards, I took Mochi to the groomer so that they could buzz off his precious fluff. It just doesn’t jive well with snow and will get matted less in his new sweater. While I waited for him to finish, I took a nap because I was still feeling a bit bleh.

Lunch & Dinner

Since we picked up some Chinese food yesterday, I had lots of basil chicken. I love basil chicken, but this place did not make it as spicy as the Thai restaurants do. It was a bit disappointing, but still tasted good.

basil chicken

basil chicken


After my nap and lunch, I was finally feeling alive and itching to work out. The sidewalks had melted enough from the snow storm to run, so I headed out the door….




….without appropriate attire. It was about 35 degrees and very sunny, so I didn’t think it would be that bad since it felt comfy with my wool peacoat on. I strolled outside with capris, a tank top, and a thin running zip-up. No gloves. No hat. No brain.

run attire

I really have no idea what I was thinking. I guess all that sleep and the cold numbed my brain down a bit, along with my ears, face, hands, and legs. In my head, I figured I would warm up after a mile or so and then cruise from there, but my legs would not defrost. Twas not my most pleasant run, so I did 3.53 miles and called it a day.

It also made me realize how crappy Forever 21 workout clothes are for outdoor winter activity (my tank top). Dry-fit (or a variation of it) is boss now. Sure, the cheap, cute stuff works well for Zumba, BodyPump, and indoor stuff, but the lack of moisture wicking = freaking coldness when it’s freezing and windy. I have learned my lesson.

Be Thankful Challenge

Today, I am thankful for having a job (and sick days!). I complain about it a lot, but there are a ton of people out there who aren’t finding any and struggling like I was when I first graduated from CU.

I’m going to call it a night soon, so have a fantastic Friday!

Question of the Day: What weather conditions do you absolutely refuse to workout in?


10 thoughts on “Say Freeze

  1. You know, I’ve been buying a lot of my workout clothes at like Tj Maxx or Ross. They have good stuff but its discounted so it isn’t as pricey as it would be normally. I got two New Balance workout tanks and a pair of nike capris for like $45. Even better? I LOVE buying all my running socks there too! Win!

  2. Holy Snow! We got a bit of snow over the weekend, but when it snows in NYC it’s never pretty like that. My boyfriend is from the Philly area and when it snows there it’s gorgeous like in your pictures.
    I learned about cheap workout clothes the hard way too. I bought a pair of running capris from old navy and they were ready for the trash after two weeks because they started coming apart at the seams. I love hitting out the outlets for discounted gear.

  3. Really cold weather is definitely the worst for working out outside! I hate having to bundle up to exercise so I’d rather take it inside. But the weather can be so deceiving–who thinks it’s going to be freezing when it’s sunny out?!

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