Grown Up Tea Party

I hope that your weekend has been nice and relaxing 🙂

Goodbyes & Last Night’s Dinner

Last night, I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for my friend Jennifer’s going away dinner. She’ll be leaving us to pursue adventures in California. This gives me even more of an excuse to travel to the West Coast sometime in the near future 😉 We’re all sad to see her go, but happy that she gets to explore a new chapter of her life.

Leenae and I shared the baked chicken meal since we both weren’t that hungry (that kombucha with chia seeds is extremely filling). The lighting was dim, and I forgot my memory card, so here are a couple of camera pictures. Their meals include bread, salad, entree, and ice cream! It’s a good thing we shared because the portions were huge. Overall, not a bad meal 🙂


Basic salad w/balsamic vinegar and lots of bread

baked chicken

Baked chicken w/side of spaghetti

Brunch ‘Tea Party’ for Three

I’ve been excited for today ever since Leenae asked if I wanted to attend a tea tasting last week with Jennifer. We’ve never been to one and don’t know much about tea, so it was a new experience for all of us.

Wystone’s World Teas is a cute cafe and shop in the Belmar neighborhood of the Denver metro area. They have tons of loose leaf teas and accessories in shop as well as a cafe/tea bar area that serves up great eats and tea, of course 🙂


flower tea

For our tea tasting, we each got to choose if we wanted ours paired with chocolate…


chocolate paired teas

…or with cheese.


cheese paired teas

I wasn’t quite in the sweet mood, so I opted for the cheese pairing. I also hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet, so I also got their soup, sandwich, and salad combo. It was soooo yummy! It came with an excellent grilled cheese, tomato bisque soup, and a light salad w/cucumber yogurt dressing.

grilled cheese and salad


Each tea came with a cute little hourglass timer and a neat tea steeping contraption. Once it is done steeping, you put the pot on top of the cup, and it pours out just the tea.

I absolutely loved all of my teas! We had three paired for each of us and then we got to choose a fourth one that sounded interesting to each. It was great because our awesome tea-ista, Ty, would tell us about the origin and growing method of our teas as they were steeping.

Ty is in the back lol

Here are some photos of our teas. My favorite was the coconut: it was light, nutty, and smooth.

New Running Stuff!

After tea, we were all stuffed (they were full glasses of tea). I needed to get some gear for my longer and soon-to-be-colder runs, so I hit up Runners Roost. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to run today because time is lacking.


I’m actually running really late and need to shower and get ready before a sorority dinner tonight. I can’t wait to post up pics of yummy eats tomorrow. I hope that you have a great Saturday!


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