Get Ready to Rock n Roll!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I didn’t get a chance to post last night because the kids that I tutor ended up needing quite a bit of help, so I didn’t get home until late. College application season is fully underway for these guys, so I’ll probably be busy for next month or so.

Late Night’s Dinner

After I got home, I headed over to Japoix with Quynh to meet up with Jennifer one last time. She’s headed to California tonight, but it won’t be the last time she hears from me 🙂

Japoix is my favorite place to kick back and have a few drinks. It’s a Japanese-French steakhouse, but they have a really nice lounge in the back that offers their full menu, excellent happy hour items, and a low-key atmosphere. Their food is really good, and Lawrence, the owner, always ensures we have a good time.

Ginger Edamame

ginger edamame

Spicy Tuna Roll

spicy tuna roll

Beet Salad w/goat cheese, pecans, mandarin oranges, and Palisade peach vinaigrette + salmon

beet salad

beet salad

Rock n Roll Time

I’m so excited and nervous to say this, so here it goes. I just registered for the Rock n Roll Portland half marathon!

It’s not until May 20, 2012, so I have tons of time to prepare. I’m just happy that, at this point, I know that I can run this (slowly) since I’ve completed 8 miles fairly comfortably. It’s my very first half marathon, thanks to Thao! I’ll be running the race with her and a few other friends.

Portland sounded like a great choice because it’s not a place we would really visit on a leisurely vacation, but we do want to go. Might as well run a race there and then take a few days to see some sights. Win-Win.

One point of potential “concern” is that it’s the inaugural event, which I read can either be great or subpar due to planning issues and unexpected glitches. Being that I’ve never run a half marathon (or any race at that) before, I have no clue what to expect, so I’m sure everything will seem perfectly normal to me. I’ll be too caught up in the moment.

P.S. Registration for ANY Rock n Roll race (minus 3 or 4) is $20 off for today only. Jump on it!

Be Thankful Challenge

Yesterday, I was thankful to get some extra spending money from tutoring. You can never have enough spending money 😉 Today, I’m thankful for sales and discounts. $20 off of race fees? Sold!

I’ll be coming at you tomorrow with some great eats. I cannot wait for dinner!


11 thoughts on “Get Ready to Rock n Roll!

  1. I’ve never eaten there before but that food looks awesome–might have to give it a try!!

    Congrats on registering! I LOVE Portland and I think it will be an awesome place for a half marathon! If I wasn’t already doing one the weekend before, I’d consider it too 🙂 I seriously think that city is amazing!!

  2. Congrats on registering for the rock and roll marathon!

    I am in love with that beet salad. It looks SO good! I definitely need to try and make one myself. 🙂

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  4. I’m not sure how I missed this, but congrats on registering! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to read more about your training. 🙂

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