Food Heaven

I don’t know about you all, but my weekend has been jam-packed with great eats and relaxation.


First, let’s rewind to yesterday’s lunch since I posted earlier than usual. My friend introduced me to the Green Fine Salad Company when I walked with her to get lunch the other day. I already brought something, so I didn’t order at the time, but I was determined to come back because everything looked extremely high quality and delicious.

I was craving another salad because the one I had for dinner on Thursday was so good. Best. Decision. Ever. I will be frequenting this place a lot in the days to come. They focus on high quality, usually organic ingredients that they prepare on spot and chop for you.

The Metropolitan Salad: A blend of mixed greens, baby arugula, and romaine hearts with roasted chicken, roasted tomato, cucumber, fresh mozzarella, and cucumber dill dressing.






I LOVE sun-dried tomatoes, but roasted tomatoes are so much better. They have the same, distinct taste, but they’re juicier and pack a bigger punch. I’m sold.

Metropolitan Salad

I was so excited for dinner last night because Quynh and I were (finally) headed to Osteria Marco! I’ve been trying to go, but hadn’t succeeded until last night. Overall, I was very pleased.

Starters: Osteria Marco is very well known for their house-made cheeses and cured meats. I absolutely love their burrata cheese. It has a slightly firm edge and an incredibly creamy center. I go just for cheese and wine sometimes.

Burrata Cheese + Bread

I’ve been reading great reviews of their meatballs (random), so we got the meatball sliders. They were a tad too salty, but so incredibly delicious and flavorful. I ended up not eating the mini slider rolls because it was just too much.

meatball sliders

Main Course: We had a hard time choosing between the Fig & Prosciutto pizza and the Carbonara pizza. We ended up with the Carbonara because the fig puree sounded like it would be a tad sweet, and we were already planning on ordering dessert. The Carbonara has pancetta, basil, and is topped with an over-easy egg.

We both agreed that we would never order this pizza again. There was way too much cheese and not enough mild ingredients to soften the bite of the salty pancetta. We ended up only eating a slice each and boxed it up.

carbonara pizza

Dessert: Aside from the cheese, dessert is the #1 reason why I come here. Their butterscotch bread pudding puts me in my happy place. It is SO unbelievably good and topped with ice cream. I could eat one every day for the rest of my life.

butterscotch bread pudding

Post-Dinner Drinks:

After dinner, Quynh and I headed back home so that I could get ready to go out for drinks (I was looking pretty roughed up from the day lol). We met our friend, Nancy, and headed to ChoLon Asian Bistro for late night happy hour. To snack, we got the kaya toast covered in coconut jam and served with an egg “cloud”. It was…interesting. I’m glad we tried it, but I wouldn’t order it again. Depending on the bite, it was either too salty or too sweet.

kaya toast


Nancy and I both got the “Rosemance”, which was prosecco with rose water and orange garnishes. I would never pay the full $12 for this, but at $7 I’m sold.

After boozing a bit at ChoLon, we headed out to CHLOE Mezze Lounge to dance and drink some more. *click on image for source*


I wasn’t sure how I’d be feeling this morning after all the water tequila, but I felt great (thank goodness). I was going to be meeting Thao, Michelle, and Quynh for a run around 10am. I planned out a mini tour-of-downtown-Denver run because I don’t care to look at the sights when I’m going to work in the mornings, and you don’t really notice anything at night.

We ended up covering 5.5 miles and snapped a bunch of photos along the way. Enjoy!

State Building

The Ram is our state animal.

Coors Field

Coor's Field: Home of the Colorado Rockies

Riverwalk Park

In the Riverwalk neighborhood. I would kill for one of these properties.


This 200 ft spire sits atop the Denver Millennium Bridge and is lit up at night.


It is also fun to goof around on.

Be Thankful Challenge

Today I am thankful to live in a beautiful city. It’s not New York or L.A., but I love Denver because of the excellent work-life balance and the tons of activities that are available in the city or nearby (snowboarding anybody?).

I hope that you have a great night!

Question of the Day: What do you love about your city?


7 thoughts on “Food Heaven

  1. Great pictures! As you know my husband is in Colorado for training right now and him and the boys went up to Denver because there are some outlet malls or something? I dunno, but I hope he buys me something!

    I don’t live in a city… I live in a small German town of about 2,000 people and I love it because it is so quiet and the people are so friendly.

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