Long Run Sundays: Uphill Both Ways

Hey, everyone! I hope that your weekend is winding down nicely. Today is a bit of a busy day for me because I have a lot of work stuff to get done before tomorrow, but I’m hoping I can still get done at a normal hour.

Long Run Sunday: 11/13/11 Edition

I swear, no matter what your personal background or where your parents are from, every child hears the story of how they shouldn’t complain because the parents had to walk to school, uphill, both ways. If you don’t recall ever hearing that, then you just weren’t listening ­čśŤ

I always thought that was the most ridiculous thing anyone could be told because it’s just not possible. With my long runs now consisting of at least 6-7 miles, I’m having to be creative with my routes because most of the parks that I run are around 2-4 miles. Sure, I could run it twice, but then I start to feel like I’m running on a treadmill because I’ve seen the same thing already.


So what does this have to do with running uphill both ways? Denver is not what you would call a flat place, so I hit hills on each and every run. The problem is, what goes down, must go back up. This is usually said in reverse, but, in running, it makes sense this way. I get happy when I’m on a slight downhill for a mile or two, but then I remember that, at some point, I’ll have to head back up (usually the last mile or two back home). It truly makes me feel like I’m running completely uphill both ways even though I know that it’s not true. Our parents were really on to something, and I no longer find the phrase annoyingly wrong.

That said, I covered a whopping 9 miles┬átoday! After the 9, I was still about a mile from home, but I just walked because I was hungry and lacking energy. I had a GU around mile 6, but it didn’t feel like it ever kicked in today. My legs were probably thinking I did the 5.5 miles from yesterday this morning and just refused to freshen up.


I made myself a smoothie when I got home because, as usual, my appetite was totally shot after the run.



I knew I would be starving an hour or two later, so I was already planning out what to make. The one thing that I absolutely wanted was soup, and not just any soup. I wanted the butternut apple soup from Whole Foods…so delicious. The girls and I went to Whole Foods for lunch after our run yesterday, and I loaded up on a ton of WF greatness. Check it out.



I got a plate of the following: superfood salad, kale salad, black bean salsa, extra beets, pork verde, roasted veggies, and some beef dish. While it totally looks like the plated items stole the show, the real winner was that tiny little cup of soup hanging in the backside. I could have eaten an entire batch of that stuff because it was that good. I would highly suggest trying it if you haven’t yet.

So, being that I wanted the soup, I took a trip to my local Whole Foods where it took me 15┬áminutes just to find parking. It’s okay though, the free samples all throughout the store made up for it.

Once there, I also found a butternut crab bisque, so I walked out with two soups. At least I’ll have soup for the week? I got a few other essentials that I needed.

The Goods

Brussel sprouts! This was my first time making these. I baked them with olive oil, sea salt, fresh black pepper, and some red pepper flakes.

brussel sprouts

Served with some roasted chicken, butternut bisque, and Near East Mediterranean Curry couscous. Yummy!


Be Thankful Challenge

Today I’m thankful for my strong legs. Would I love to have dancer legs, of course, but my legs are powerful and allow me to do so many things. I just need to learn to love them more ­čÖé

I haven’t posted a picture of Mochi in awhile, so here he is saying goodbye for today. It’s time to get some work done before bed, so have a great night!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite fall soup?


11 thoughts on “Long Run Sundays: Uphill Both Ways

  1. I hate running uphill the most! Good thing it’s not that hilly in GA…well, at least where I live Haha.

    I am starving just looking at your food! Seriously, I can not wait to go to WholeFood for the first time and check it out.

  2. Nice run. I love/hate running uphill. I love that it’s challenging and helps me improve my pace….but I hate the feeling of death. I guess you gotta take the bad with the good!

  3. Haha my parents definitely told us a story like that- several miles through the snow bla bla!
    You’re making me so jealous with your Whole Foods goodies- the closest one to me is about 45 min-an hour so I don’t get there too often.

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