Back to the TRX

Hey All! I took a much-needed evening relaxing last night after work and tutoring, so no post.

I felt much more refreshed today and can’t wait to get to TRX tonight. More on that later, but some eats first.


I haven’t post a picture of my usual meal in awhile, so here’s a fresh picture of oatmeal, chia seeds, and almond butter that might change your life. Okay, not really, but it was quite delicious. I also had a cup of coffee from the lovely office Keurig machine 🙂

the usual


I cannot keep myself away from the Green Fine Salad Co. I’ve officially banned myself until at least next week because I’m going to be broke before Christmas if I keep this up. My beloved Metropolis Salad with their low balsamic vinaigrette.


It was a high of 34F today, so I also got a side of yummy tomato soup to warm my bones.

Dinner of the Week

So…I made this combo a few nights ago and completely forgot to post it up. It was so good, I’m planning on making it again tonight.

Green Chile Black Bean Burger

While I was at Whole Foods over the weekend, there was a local Colorado vendor selling home-made green chili. I’m a huge sucker for green chili and Mexican food in general, so you know I had to get a sample (plus I love free stuff). He said that there was hot and mild. He also noted that the hot was very spicy, which I promptly ignored. I’m that person who can and will make more things spicy, so usually the “hot” varieties are a huge disappointment.

Colorado Green Chili

Well, folks…I was not disappointed because this bad boy was actually hot! I was very impressed and snagged a bottle. Since there aren’t any preservatives, you have to use it within two weeks, so I got started. I had some black bean burgers left over from last week, so I dumped some on top of one of the patties, topped with some low-fat cheese, and served it on a bagel thin.

It. was. delicious. I cannot wait to get home after the gym.


After a month (or two) hiatus from my favorite TRX boot camp class, I finally purchased some additional sessions and get to go again today! We usually have about 9 stations where we do a strength training activity for 45 seconds immediately followed by 45 seconds of intense cardio (burpees, jump squats, jump rope, etc.). After one full round, we either run stairs, sprints, or suicides before going back and doing it all over again. Then, we finish off the class with a few rounds of abs.


Don’t let those dinky straps fool you, this shit is HARD. You get a full body workout with pretty much each exercise, so you hurt in places you didn’t expect to hurt. Well, I don’t want to be late to my session, so catch you all tomorrow!

Be Thankful Challenge

Today I am thankful for winter clothes…it is FUH-REEEEEEZING.

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried using the TRX or taking a TRX class?


10 thoughts on “Back to the TRX

  1. TRX seems really cool, I definitely prefer short intense exercise because it feels harder.

    I really want your dinner now! A black bean burger topped with spicy green chili sounds like the perfect combo. And I totally would have gotten the spicy too, I never listen to those people who say it’s too hot!

  2. TRX sounds really interesting! I have never tried it but I would love to!

    I love spicy food and your dinner just look delicious!

    I am thankful for winter clothes too, however, it hasn’t been that cold in GA this week, which I love. Haha.

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