Please Yield to the Cow

Happy Humpday aka my Friday! This day just can’t seem to move fast enough, but I guess that’s how it goes when you’re stuck somewhere knowing you get a few days off when you leave.

Moo-ve Over

Every morning on my way to work, I listen to a local morning show on the radio. It’s your typical ramblings, news, weather, and traffic. I’m usually still trying to wake up as I drive to work, so I only half pay attention to what they’re talking about. Today, however, the traffic report really caught my attention and brought a laugh to my morning.

First, let me explain something about first-time visitors to Denver. While I was an undergrad at CU-Boulder, I often helped to pick up visiting sorority sisters from across the country. Unless they had visited at some point in their lives, our conversation would go something like this:

Visitor: “Wow! It’s actually a city!”

Me: *dumbfounded silence and confusion*

V: “I always thought this place was like in the movies, and a lot of people would walk around in cowboy hats with cows everywhere.”

M: *continued silence*

V: “It’s actually really nice here.”

M: “You do realize this is one of the 30 biggest cities in the US right?!?”

V: *dumbfounded silence and confusion*

Now, before you go cracking sorority jokes, this applies to A LOT of people I’ve run in to in Denver, especially since I work downtown and get asked random questions from tourists. Honestly, Denver is definitely not a mega-city, and the metro area is quite spread out, but it’s still a big city.

Real Denver- source

Perceived Denver- source

To be fair, the drive from Denver International Airport to Boulder doesn’t visibly pass the downtown center of Denver, so it does look pretty rural at times. Along the route there are some (maybe just one big one?) cattle ranches after you pass Broomfield, which is about 2/3 of the way to Boulder. Several people find seeing the cows amusing and want to take pictures because a) they have never seen one, and b) it confirms their perception of Colorado/Denver (until I take them to Denver).

Now, you’re probably wondering why this all matters and what it has to do with traffic, so I’ll get to the point. The traffic report this morning went something like this: “Traffic is moving rather smoothly thought the downtown corridor with your usual pockets of congestion. Please be advised that those  on Westbound 36 from Boulder to Denver will see heavy traffic near the McCaslin Blvd exit due to a stray cow holding up traffic. Please use cation when driving around the cow.”

I’m not even making this shit up LOL. There was a




I literally burst out laughing because it’s exactly the kind of news that would make people think that we live in a modern-day Western film. Traffic gets held up due to a cow on the loose! Watch out now!


I’ll be heading out to my TRX boot camp class later this evening before embarking on my hour and a half drive back home for Thanksgiving.

Hopefully I don’t zonk out because Mochi isn’t a good passenger; he just falls asleep on me instead. I hope that tomorrow is full of tons of delicious food for everyone!

Be Thankful Challenge

Today I’m thankful for bi-polar Colorado weather. It’s a beautiful 65 degrees for the next couple of days!

Question of the Day: Are there any funny stories that you’ve heard today, or have you ever had any major false impressions about a place prior to visiting?


12 thoughts on “Please Yield to the Cow

  1. Hi Lena! Just stumbled on your blog and already think its hysterical. I am from the east coast and when I have picked up friends from the DIA more then once they have asked if they were in Middle East and where are the mountains??? I was wondering where you go for your Body Pump classes, I have been trying to sign up for them (I live in downtown denver!) but are you aware of other places aside from 24hr fitness that offer them?

    • Hi Julia! Thanks for stopping by. Unfortunately, I think that 24 is the only place (that I know of) that offers them. I know that the Colorado Athletic Club has a ton of classes, but I don’t think any of them are from Les Mills.

  2. That is way too funny that there is a cow on the highway! haha!
    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Cows are so sweet though! 🙂 Hope it was safe 🙂
    Denver [the city] looks gorgeous! But I have to be honest, I did picture like “rodeo” and “ranches” and all that 😛

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