Long Run Sundays: Turkey Weekend Recap

Hellooooo! Thanks for bearing with me while I’ve been totally MIA from the blog world. I don’t go home very often (maybe 5 times a year) even though it’s only a little over an hour away, so it’s always busy busy when I do head down to Colorado Springs to see my mama and siblings. This long weekend was no different, so I didn’t really get the chance to sit down and read or write blog entries, but I’m back!

Recap Eats

Honestly, I didn’t bother to take pictures of anything from Thanksgiving because I’m sure most of you ate the exact same thing. My family does some Korean dishes in addition to the traditional American fare, but I was too busy chowing down on my mom’s authentic dishes to remember to take pictures of them. Next time!

On Wednesday night before I drove down to Springs, however, I stopped by a friend’s house to join in on their spring roll feast. Vietnamese spring rolls consist of rice noodles, grilled meats/seafood, and fresh veggies/herbs all wrapped into a roll. You can serve them with a peanut hoisin sauce, but I prefer mine with the sweet and citrus-y fish sauce.

spring rolls


spring rolls

all wrapped up

Recapย Exercise

I tried to start off my break on the right foot by heading to a TRX class on Wednesday night before my spring roll feast. I finally got Thao to go with me after a whole lot of convincing ๐Ÿ™‚ She did a great job hanging in there through the extra tough workout (our instructor made it more intense because of Thanksgiving haha). Way to go, Thao!

I went to class early because our instructor is offering free body fat and inch measurements for the winter to encourage us to continue working out. Hopefully I see those numbers go down as my half marathon training continues. We repeat everything on the list twice with sprints/jump rope racing/high knee skips in between and 2 rounds of abs + stretching at the end. Here was our workout for the night

Daily Workout

KB- kettle bells; MB- medicine ball

I was supposed to run 3 miles on Turkey Day, but I woke up too late (our family does lunch instead of dinner), and I felt like a stuffed turkey myself after the fact. So, I went with my mom and Mochi on a 1 mile walk at a local park.

Instead of doing the 5 mile run I moved from Saturday to Friday, I upped it to 6.2 miles and made it a HIIT workout with hills, sprints, and everything in between. It felt amazing, and I finally ditched my tryptophan-coma self. Oh, and I did it all without music because the Zip Buds I ordered would NOT stay in my ears because they were so heavy. Not a fan, but I didn’t notice the lack of tunes because I was so focused on the changing speeds and inclines during my run. I finished the “10K” in 1:05, which is super “fast” for me lol.

Saturday was the day I’d been looking forward to all week! The reason I moved my Saturday run to Friday was so that I could go with my sister to hit the slopes. BEST.CROSS-TRAINING.EVER. We went to a dinky little resort (Loveland) because she and her friends are all beginners, and it’s cheap. At least I got to get the first-day-of-the-season jitters out of my legs and tore up the (tiny) mountain.


little sister and I

After doing a couple of runs with the youngins, I split and did a few runs by myself before calling it a day, and heading back to the lodge. It was so freakin cold, and the wind was blowing like crazy. Not to mention the snow sucked because it’s still really early in the season. I’ll save my snowboarding energy for peak season ๐Ÿ˜‰

warming up in the lodge (it was only 14 degrees!!)

teaching the newbs how to do some turns

My sister laughing at her bf after he fell. She fell shortly after lol

Aside from all of these things I did, I also took some time to catch up with some relatives and old friends I rarely see. It’s nice to be able to sit down with a cup of coffee and just start up conversations like you never left. I also spent a great deal of time with my mom and siblings because I rarely see them. My darling mother hemmed three pairs of jeans for me and cooked up a storm of different Korean soups for me to take back home ๐Ÿ™‚ My little brother (who is not so little at 6’1″ haha) is only 16, so we have a hard time bonding, but we got to talk and catch up a bit as we went Black Friday shopping, and I toted him around to b-ball practice. My little sister (22) and I just started getting along about a year and a half ago after she joined my sorority, so it’s nice to catch up with her instead of being at each other’s throats 24/7. Overall, it was a great and lazy time with loved ones.

Long Run Sunday

Ok, now it’s back to the real world again. To get back on track with my training schedule, I needed to get in an 8 mile run. I was quite excited for my run today because my SPIbelt just came in the mail!


No more running with GU gels stuffed under my watch, cell phone in one hand, handheld water bottle in the other hand, and key wrapped around my wrist (more on the key later)! I got to stuff everything in the stretchy little bad boy and take off with only my handheld. It was so nice. I couldn’t feel it at all, and it rarely bounced. I’ll have to make it a little bit tighter next time, which should get rid of the almost unnoticeable bounce. This is probably something I should have gotten sooner, but I’m a believer now!

That said, if there is one thing I would change about the belt, I would have put the stupid zipper at the topย of the pouch and not the middle. At some point during my run, my house key fell out of it (probably while removing my GU). Next time, I’ll just put the key elsewhere. I got lucky because my apartment office is open on Sundays, and they actually made me a brand new copy for free! I thought they would try to charge me, but they must have been in a good mood or something. Either way, I love the SPIbelt, and I didn’t lose anything valuable. I’ll just be more careful next time.

Okay, this is a freakishly long post, so I’ll end after one final note. I’m a little sad today because Mochi won’t be with me for the next month. My mom misses having him around, so I let her keep him until Christmas. I’m happy because he’ll get a lot more love and attention than he gets with me due to my crazy work and running schedule, but I miss hearing the jingle of his collar as I move around the house. I even miss having him roll around on my face in the morning to try to wake me up. Dramatic much? I know hahaha.


Question of the Day: What was the most memorable part of your long weekend?


15 thoughts on “Long Run Sundays: Turkey Weekend Recap

  1. Hi! I just started following your blog so I thought I’d stop and say hi! I can totally sympathize with the lost key… I used to tie mine on my running shorts when I lived in an apartment, and not very tight. One day it fell off (of course it was the day when I was running hills all over the place and couldn’t backtrack my steps). I had a roommate make me a copy of hers and then spent the next two years worrying that when we moved out they would make me pay to get the locks changed… and then we moved out and they didn’t say anything!

  2. It look like you had a great thanksgiving and weekend with your family. Snowboarding look like so much fun! I would be so scare to do it though because I never did it before. I would love to give it a try though.

    Love the spring rolls! It’s my favorite vietnamese food! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I really want to try snowboarding sometime! I’ve never even been skiing even though I’ve lived in Colorado most of my life! It looks like so much fun though, and I’m glad you and your siblings had some good bonding time!

    • I didn’t start going until my sophomore year of college, so maybe it’s time for you to give it a shot ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everyone used to make fun of me because I’d never set foot on a resort until that time even though I grew up here. There’s a time and place for everything!

  4. I love Loveland! That’s actually where I grew up skiing since it was close and cheaper for my parents to afford lift tickets (pre-season pass days!) It is a lot smaller, but i don’t think the runs are any easier–just shorter!

    Glad you had a wonderful Turkey Day!

    • Yeah it was definitely much more affordable since I didn’t buy a pass this year! I heard that their snow is actually the best right now because it’s still so early, but I liked how relatively empty it was. Some of the bigger ones get so crowded.

    • You should get one! I love it despite the inconveniently-placed zipper. I’ve never skied, so from what I’m told: snowboarding is harder to learn initially, but skiing is way harder to get good at. No clue if this is true.

  5. My most memorable was when during thanksgiving dinner, this Jewish guy wanted to say a joke regarding how uh…”small” Asian guys are, and just as he was about to get to the punchline an Asian guy walked into the house with his girlfriend. Awkward, and incredibly hilarious.

    Just curious: what other Korean dishes did you have with Thanksgiving? ๐Ÿ™‚

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