PTO is the Spice of Life

I hope that everyone’s weeks are off to a great start! Mine is a bit mixed because I called in sick this morning because I felt like crap, but I have a lot of things I need to get done around the house, so it kind of worked out.

After I was finally able to drag myself out of bed around 10am, I headed out to the kitchen to whip up some breakfast. Oh, and my roommate scared the crap out of me. Her door was open, so I figured she had left for school. Nopeeeee….

Me: *walking into the kitchen half asleep*
Roomie: Good morning!
Me: AHHHHHHHHH!! What the hell?! I thought you already left!
Roomie: Uhh…no. I’ve just been studying here.
Me: Okay, cool. Well, do you want breakfast?

Heart attack in exchange for breakfast? Totally works out. I made us some egg and cheese bagel-wiches with raspberry jam and some Fage Greek Yogurt. I finally busted out my tiny egg fry pan for the first time in probably a year 🙂

Things that I still need to do today:

  1. Mail out my Cookie Exchange cookies.
  2. Put my cleaned sheets on and put the down comforter back into the duvet.
  3. Put away clean laundry
  4. Tutor
  5. Attempt a run since I skipped out yesterday (last priority)
  6. Go to the bank
  7. Finish cleaning the rest of my disaster of a room.
  8. Stop by Quynh’s house tonight for homemade pot roast…yummmmmm.

I’m usually a very clean person, but once things go downhill, they just keep on going until I literally can’t sleep from knowing my room is gross. I’ve already scrubbed down my entire bathroom, vacuumed, and dusted, but now I just have to get the rest of everything in order. Just look at this pig sty…

I’ll get to all of this once I’ve had some lunch, and nothing is better than a taste of home 🙂 My mom made several different kinds of soups to take home with me, including 미역국 (pronounced mi-yeok-gook). It’s a Korean seaweed soup that is traditionally served on birthdays and after giving birth. My mom boils rib meat and bones for a day before she makes it, puts it in the fridge, skims off the fat ,and then makes the soup, resulting in a deep, comforting broth. You serve it with rice and other side dishes. Yummy~

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite home-cooked meal? Mine are all of my mom’s Korean soups.


10 thoughts on “PTO is the Spice of Life

  1. Hope you’re feeling better! My favorite home cooked meals are traditional Polish dishes that my grandma used to make. The best thing was when she made pierogi using turkey leftover from thanksgiving. We would look forward to the pierogi more than the actual turkey.
    After I’m done with finals I’m going into super cleaning mode because right nie your room looks decent compared to mine!

  2. I try to keep my room clean too but since it’s final week, I haven’t taken care of it at all. Haha.

    I love homemade food! I really miss my mom’s cooking and I can’t wait to go home for her to cook for me again. I think my favorite is the yellow vietnamese crepes. It’s so good. 🙂

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