Surviving the Holidays

Happy Monday Tuesday! It definitely feels like a Monday for me since I didn’t go in to work yesterday. Oh well, at least it then feels like a short week 😉 Also, the temperature is finally above freezing! I can actually run in a “mild” 40 degrees this weekend, which is still freakin cold.

It’s about that time of year that we look most forward to and dread at the same time: holiday party season. Whether you attend a party for your office, student group, friends, or family, you can count on there being an overload of food and drinks (especially the calorie-loaded, seasonal adult beverages).


I have my office party this Friday, my friend’s party on Saturday (at a Brazilian steakhouse…save me now), my work team party next Wednesday, sorority party next Thursday, and then all of the craziness that comes with New Years Eve. So what’s a girl to do?

Through all of my success during this weight loss and fitness journey, I still have one MAJOR weak spot: pot lucks and self-serve style meals. Why must everyone bring so many tasty things to try?? Even if I only get a little bit of somethings everything, I still end up with an entire heaping plate or two. Not to mention, I have to go back for the things that were especially delicious. Multiply that by a handful of holiday parties, and I’m entering the new year with the same stereotypical NYE goal as everyone else in the country: to drop the weight.


Well you know what? I’ve worked too.damn.hard to let it all be thrown aside this year, so I’m ready to take on the holidays on the offensive.

The 6-Step Game Plan [results not guaranteed]

1) Don’t buy  “fat” dresses/outfits. You know what I mean. That outfit that covers up your tummy pooch so that it still looks okay even if you’ve got a 7 month old food baby hiding in there (until you turn sideways!). Guilty as charged, but not this year.

Cute, but I could eat like 5 Big Macs and still look okay in this. source

2) When you grab a drink (let’s be honest, there’s not really an “if” in this situation, especially for an office party), limit it to red wine or vodka sodas. Pass on that sugar-loaded punch and eggnog unless you want to count it towards your dessert allotment.

'nuff said- source

3) Load up on as many healthy options as you can, and make sure that at least half of your plate consists of these items. I suppose the definition of healthy is going to be up to you, but don’t lie to yourself because your body will show you the truth.


4) The remainder of your plate can be used as you choose, so all of those dishes that are cooked heavy, fried, have rich sauces, etc. Again, what you choose is up to you, but I personally wouldn’t get an entire half of a plate of baked gazillion-cheese macaroni, just a bite or two.

5) Choose just one dessert or share 2 desserts with another person. You don’t really have to try every single one (dang it!), and honestly, half of them always taste kind of gross anyway.


6) Spend more time socializing and having fun! That’s hard to do when you’re stuffing your face. Plus, that’s what this time of year is all about.



I didn’t make up my Sunday run yesterday, but it was a last priority, so I’m not worried about it. I’ll be back on track today with a 3-4 mile run before I head out to dinner with Quynh at The Yabby Hut! It’s a cajun seafood place that specializes in crawfish, but I’m too impatient to pick through a million crawfish for meat, so I roll with the shrimp. Their sauce is seriously good, but will totally give you a heart attack if you eat it too much. All in moderation my friends! Afterwards, we’ll be heading to our friend, Lily’s, house to see her new German shepherd puppy, Doug 🙂

Question of the Day: What tricks do you use to keep from packing on the pounds this final stretch of the year?


21 thoughts on “Surviving the Holidays

  1. I love your comment about having worked too hard to let it go now. I’ve been working hard to become stronger and more fit these past few months, and I don’t want to let it all turn back to flab in one month (and it totally could… it happened to me during the holidays last year! I felt disgusting once January came around). I plan to do a lot of what you said. One of the main things I’m going to do is make sure I indulge on what I REALLY love, but pass on anything else. Like you said, a lot of desserts end up not even being that great. So I’m only going to have the desserts I look forward to all year.

  2. I love all of your tips! I always overload on dessert because it looks good, but I’m going to be more mindful about it this year because, like you said, just because they look good doesn’t mean that they taste good. So many of the desserts that I’ve tried are store bought ones and they’re not worth the extra calories at all.

    I agree with you that we should not just forget about how hard we have workout by consuming all of those food at the party. It’d be a totally waste.

  3. I definitely prefer to make desserts from scratch because then I know what goes in it and I know it’ll taste good!

    The Silk holiday soy milks are really awesome, because they totally taste like the real thing but they’re nondairy and way healthier! The mint chocolate kind is sooooo good!

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  6. Great tips! It also helps me to remember that its just one day… if I over indulge a little, it doesn’t matter at all as long as I get right back to eating healthy and exercising the next day. Its worked so far!

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