Hazard to Myself

Yay for Fridays and the start of holiday parties! Mine is tonight πŸ˜‰

My office is a fairly young bunch (average age about 26), so our holiday parties are quite spirited to say the least. People get dressed up, heavy appetizers are served, and the libations flow liberally. I’m hoping to keep it pretty low-key this year since I have to run tomorrow, and I’ll be going with my friend, Leenae, to her Christmas party tomorrow (she’s also my date tonight).

Through this all, I will be sure to try to follow as many of my personal tips for surviving the holidays without gaining a zillion pounds. This will be especially helpful for Leenae’s party, which is going to be at a Brazilian steak house. For those who have never been to one, it’s partially buffet-style and definitely all-you-can-eat.

Men come around with giant slabs of different kinds of meat and slice off slivers or chunks onto your plate. They only stop coming around when you flip your card to the red side (like a stop light). In addition to this meat fest, they have an amazingly fresh and high-quality salad bar that includes smoked fish, tons of different veggies and salads, soups, and fruits. If that wasn’t enough, they also have unlimited Brazilian cheese bread (PΓ£o de Queijo), polenta, and cooked plantains served tableside.

I’ll post up pictures of my dresses on Sunday’s post πŸ˜‰ I definitely made sure to pick two that would not hide a belly to prevent me from eating like a starving football player (trust me, I can eat more than a lot of guys I know). On the note of dresses…

There’s a girl trying to hurt me, and she looks just like me.

I am a total hazard to myself! I should probably be travelling around in a giant bubble. As I was walking to meet Thao for lunch at Chipotle yesterday, I fell hard. I was wearing heeled booties, but I managed to walk downhill on ice on the way to work just fine. The sidewalk I fell on had no bumps, giant cracks, holes, or ice. I was literally just walking and then fell straight onto my knees…hard 😦

It’s okay, you can laugh. I did. When I finally reached Chipotle, I told Thao, and all she could say was, “I’m not trying to sound mean, but that’s something you would do.” I had to agree. I’m the girl who rams my shoulders into doorways, stubs my toe on my bed, opens a cabinet, puts in a mental note not to hit my head on said cabinet, and does. *sigh*

*EDIT* I forgot to make my connection to my fall and dresses. Knees bruise easily. Bruises on knees get ugly. I will have ugly knees until at least New Years Eve hahaha.

It’s okay though. I’m so used to it that I can brush it off after a minute of cursing under my breath (or out loud if I’m at home). Plus, it was all worth it for this giant bowl of fake-Mexican goodness πŸ™‚

After my 4 mile run, I showered, went to help a student write an essay, and then headed out to meet some friends for happy hour at Brio. Why have I never gone there before??? And if you have a chain near you and haven’t gone, why have you never gone?! During happy hour, they have a special menu of food, and it’s all only $2.95 each. I assumed they would be tiny little portions, but they’re not. Look (excuse grainy phone pics)

partially-eaten beef carpaccio

spicy shrimp and eggplant

margherita flatbread

Can you believe each of those was only $2.95? The burger they had on the menu was also a full-sized burger, not a slider. Anywho, I hope that you have some fun things planned for the weekend, and good luck to those of you in the middle of finals!

Question of the Day: What are some of your plans for the weekend?


14 thoughts on “Hazard to Myself

  1. I am so accident prone too! Last year I fell so many times walking around campus but I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have better luck from now on. I love my heeled boots but I’m so scared I’m gonna fall down in them that I always walk super slow. But at least you got some Chipotle to make up for it!

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