Good Night, Moon

Hey, Everyone! I hope that your weekend is off to a great start 🙂

It’s finally a beautiful, cool-not-freezing day with temps in the 40’s, which means I finally get to run outdoors without worrying about turning into a human popsicle on the side of the street.

My holiday party was a lot of fun last night, and I got home around midnight. After chatting it up with Leenae and my roomie for awhile, I ended up heading to bed around 1:30am. My roomie was planning on trying to catch the final lunar eclipse of the year this morning, so I agreed to wake up with her around 7.

We dragged ourselves out of our rooms and got in her car to try to find the moon since we didn’t think to check where it would be at that time, nor did we bring our phones. Bad planning at it’s finest. We ran into a family, and they said that they were able to see it from their house, but it was already gone by the time they made it outside to get a better look. Bummer. Anyway, this is what it should have looked like.


So, I know I said I was going to be following my training plan pretty strictly in terms of long runs, but that’s not going to happen. After freezing my butt off last weekend during temps in the teens and twenties, I’m going to take advantage of the weather as it comes. This week was supposed to be my “recovery” week with lower mileage, but I’m going to push that to next weekend in case the weather turns freezing again. That said, I’m about to head out for a 4-5 mile run while the sun is still out. Another holiday party is in the works for tonight, so I’ll catch you tomorrow!

Question of the Day: Have you ever seen an eclipse? Was it solar or lunar?


16 thoughts on “Good Night, Moon

  1. I remember seeing a solar eclipse sometime while I was in elementary school. I have a very distinct memory of making some sort of paper plate contraption to watch it at school.

    Have fun at your holiday party! I’m off to one tonight. I’ve been trying to eat some light meals throughout the day so I can indulge a little tonight 🙂

  2. I never saw an eclipse before. I imagine it to be as beautiful as your picture of it. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Running outside when it’s cold is horrible! It’s cool that you can be flexible with your workout plans to make the best of the situation. I vaguely remember watching a lunar eclipse in primary school, but getting distracted!

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