Bieber + Shake Weights

Hey Everyone! This week is already almost over! I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because it was go, go, go.

I went straight from work to Target to pick up a white elephant gift and then straight to my director’s house for my team holiday party. Ugly sweaters were definitely on the agenda. I really wish I had taken picture, but I felt weird snapping a ton of photos since nobody else was.

Speaking of which, I did end up finding an “ugly” sweater at Forever 21 because I didn’t have time to find my nearest thrift store (thanks for your suggestions!). From what I’m told, it wasn’t very ugly at all, but definitely not something I would normally wear.

I thought it was ugly...

So we did a white elephant gift exchange for work, but I personally don’t like them because you get crappy gifts that you don’t want, and there’s usually a huge fuss over the few decent gifts. What were the “hot” items this year, you ask?

1) Justin Bieber singing toothbrush (wtf?!)

2) Shake Weight (double wtf?!)

Sorry if you're offended...

3) Touching-Belly Buddha Figure

It looked like two of these facing each other, bellies touching.

It turns out we have some closet Bieber lovers, a few people trying to firm up their arms, and some zen seekers. Each of these gifts was stolen the max number of times LOL. As for me, I walked away with UNO and Monopoly card games. I’m not sure which is better, this year’s gift or last. Last year, I ended up with Fartless Black Bean Salsa. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of annoyed when I got it, so I stashed it away in my pantry. After a few months, I ended up needing salsa for a meatloaf I was making, and whipped it out. Turns out, that stuff is DELICIOUS. I’m not going to be a hater no mo’.


I wish I had taken pictures of food from the party yesterday, but I was too busy stuffing my face. Instead, here are some things I’ve eaten over the past 2 days.

Happy Hour @ Kona Grill was yummy as usual. It is a chain restaurant, but their happy hour specials are great (used to be way better) and the food isn’t bad. My friend, Trish, and I ended up ordering way too much heavy food, and I left feeling like a bloated ball of grease. Sexy.

avocado egg rolls

bbq chicken pizza

spicy tuna rolls

pot stickers

Yesterday, Thao and I went to Green Fine Salad, and I finally broke away from my usual Metropolis Salad and got the Rave.

It was definitely more of a semi-savory, hearty salad that was composed of a blend of mixed greens and romaine hearts w/ quinoa salsa, beets, edamame, carrots, tempeh, and frizzled leeks. Yummy! I got much fuller off of this one due to the grains, and I loved the change.


I took a rest day yesterday due to the hectic schedule, and I’ll be taking another one today because I have one last Christmas party to attend. I’ll be back on track on Saturday with my half marathon training schedule. We’ll see if I can sneak in a Shake Weight workout during work 😉 …jk! I will try to sneak in my quick upper body weights workout today or tomorrow so that I’m doing something active besides Christmas shopping.

Question of the Day: Have you ever done a white elephant gift exchange? If so, what was the best/worst present you’ve received?


20 thoughts on “Bieber + Shake Weights

  1. first of all, not a closet bieber fan – i’m out in the open! i can’t help it 🙂 have you seen Never Say Never?

    also, i really am craving sushi – even though i ate it on monday and tuesday! yours looks delicious too!

  2. I loveeee shake weights haha there are some hilarious youtube videos with them! My fiance and I are having a party next week with a white elephant- it’s the first time we’re doing it so I’m looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Justin Beiber is seriously laughing all the way to the bank. They make everything with his face in it and people eat it up.

    I was looking for an idea for an outfit for the holidays and that reindeer getup might be a winner. Totally kidding, but who wears crap like that?

  4. I never thought to look at Forever 21 for an ugly sweater! I bought mine at Gabe’s, I was commenting on how ugly they were while a bunch of little old ladies thought they were adorable…oops!

  5. That singing Bieber toothbrush must be a hot commodity right now with all the white elephant exchanges – a guy I work with said he almost ended up with it at a family exchange last weekend. Ha.

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