Bust a Move

Hey, everyone! I’m glad that several of you enjoyed my beginners running tips. It’s a constant learning process, so hopefully it all becomes more natural as the miles keep adding up.

It’s winter again in CO because it decided to snow after our beautiful near-60* day yesterday. I don’t know if it’s the weather or lasting irritations from my long run yesterday, but I’m not feeling too hot right now. I actually felt perfectly fine all day long until about 3:30pm when *BAM* I had the sudden urge to either die or puke. Luckily, I did neither, but I’ve been feeling up and down ever since.

It’s technically my rest day, but I’m feeling a bit restless from the cold weather and my stomach issues. Running was out of the question, and I’m too pooped to walk or drive to a gym for a class. Enter option back-up-plan.


Wii Zumba! I bought this during the summer when I was addicted to Zumba, but didn’t have enough time in my schedule to go more than once a week. If you’re a fan of Zumba, a lot of the songs are those heard in class (minus the more mainstream stuff, like Pitbull) and contain very similar moves. The only thing it lacks is the energy you get from being surrounded by people (the “virtual” dancers you get in the game are lame).

I decided to pop it in and bust a move for 45 minutes. Just long enough to get my heart rate up and develop a nice workout glow. Did I also mention you get to wear a super cool belt???


My Zumba-belt brings all the boys to the yard….oh…it doesn’t?! Bummer. +1 for fitness and –1 for looking like a weirdo. Seriously though, sometimes you just need to change up your routine and do something more fun and laid back. What better way to do that than shake your bootay to Latin music?

I think I’m going to tackle a light upper-body workout consisting of a few sets of bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, some shoulder moves, and abs after I cook dinner and wrap some Christmas presents. I won’t be tutoring for the next 2 weeks, so it’s nice to have so much “extra” downtime when I’m off of work. I hope that your day has been lovely and warmer than mine 🙂

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite fun workout? How often do you do it?


22 thoughts on “Bust a Move

  1. I’ve never tried zumba – i have NO rhythm! a dvd/wii program seems like a great way to get a bit more comfortable with it!

    i bet your 330p crash is long run related – when i *could* run, the day after a long run was always slow going for me. i was a ravenous, tired force to be reckoned with. and you’re totally right about fuel – what you put in the day(s) before is just as important as the days after!

  2. I have never tried zumba at all, but I heard great things about it. I might try it at home one day just to see how it is. Haha.

  3. I love zumba! And the belt most def. will bring the boys to the yard I have no doubt 😉 Unfortunately I haven’t been to zumba in well over a year. I used to work at a health club where it was free and now I am finding it hard to justify paying for it!

  4. I bought a Wii for my Dear [my fiance] for Christmas and can’t wait to give it to him [so I can buy Wii games for myself] 😛

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