It’s a Wrap

Hola! I’ve been totally MIA from blogland today because I was really busy getting crap done around here.

My entire house is clean, my closet is organized, laundry is complete, and presents are wrapped and ready to take home!

I also managed to get in a 2 mile walk to the library to return a book because it was a mild 45 degrees today, and all the snow from yesterday went away 🙂 Although I got so many things done, I didn’t get my full 3 mile run in today. I had a TRX boot camp class today after a month-long hiatus, so I headed out an hour early to make it to the gym to squeeze in my run before I drove to the other gym for my class. Apparently, everyone and their mom is wanting to work out as much as possible before this holiday weekend because there was a freakin LINE for the cardio machines. Not just the treadmills, everything. LAMEEE.

Then, it took me about 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot because of all of the holiday shoppers (it’s in a busy shopping complex), so by the time I made it to the other location of my gym, I only had time to do a quick mile before I had to be at TRX. Needless to say, I was feeling like a Grinch, but that only lasted a short while. A swift workout ass-kicking changes your focus from annoying holiday traffic faster than anything.

And a very good ass-kicking it was. It was my first time going to a Tuesday class, which is geared towards endurance activities, like swimming, running, cycling, etc. I liked it!

The items in red were done on the TRX, and the items in green were completed with kettlebells. They were done in supersets, so we would do 1 TRX move for 45 seconds, followed immediately by a kettlebell move for 45 seconds. We repeated that 3 times non-stop before moving on to the next superset. After all of those were complete, we did another superset of abs on the TRX + kettlebells.

Holy shaky arms and legs! As mentioned before, my strength training has fallen to the wayside because I’ve been focusing on running, so I’ve gotten pretty weak. I definitely struggled more than usual, but it was fantastic to feel the burn from something other than running 😉

It’s getting really late over here, so I’ll catch you lovely folks in the morn. I hope you’re almost done with Christmas shopping! I don’t think I could handle going to a retail establishment for the next week. I might ram a cart into somebody for real.

P.S. I’m totally in LOVE with Michael Buble’s Christmas songs. His voice makes me swoon (Quynh witnessed my swooning and said it was rather disgusting hahaha) 😛

Question of the Day: Are you done with Christmas shopping?


7 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. I haven’t even started my shopping yet!! I’m going today…. This is going to be a disaster… And, while my shopping isn’t done, I totally bought my wrapping paper already. I love the green paper you used!

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