Day and Night

Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone is finally getting a day off to enjoy this Christmas weekend with family even if you don’t celebrate Christmas.

Here’s a semi-condensed version of my MIA-days:


This was quite possibly the longest day of work in my life. All of my coworkers and I didn’t have much to do because so many of our accounts had people off on extended holidays. So, we listened to a lot of Christmas music and bee-lined out of the office as frequently as possible, despite the overload of snow.


For lunch, we ordered (fake) Chinese, which I always regret later because it always ends up so greasy, and I can never eat more than half.


Then I was determined to give myself a sugar crash when our office catered giant platters of cookies. Delicious cookies. I had chocolate chip, peanut butter, and a brownie. I was able to polish off the cookies, but the brownie was too rich, and I already felt slightly sick lol. The cookies were the size of my hands.


Immediately after work, I went to Japoix to try to catch a friend from out of town before going home to throw Christmas presents in my car to head down to Colorado Springs to my mom’s place. Turns out, she wasn’t going to be showing up  until way later, so I didn’t get to see her 😦 It’s okay though; I’ll be staying with her in February when I head to LA for my first half marathon…eek!

On the way down to Colorado Springs, the highways were cleaned up enough, so I made a detour to the outlet mall in Castle Rock to hit up the Under Armour and Nike stores. I was really hoping for some compression tights to be on sale, but no luck. I did end up with 2 pairs of new Nike Tempo shorts though, which are always needed.


After a well-rested evening, I woke up to hit up the gym for a 5 mile tempo run, and it was tough. I was mentally not into the run AT ALL, but I stuck it through and got it done.

Then I headed home for a yummy lunch. One of my favorite Korean soups of all time is 육개장 (yuk gae jang). It’s a spicy soup made with shredded beef and an assortment of vegetables. My mom uses cabbage, asparagus, onion, and green onion.


My mom boils the beef and bones for a day before, skims out all of the fat, and then cooks the soup, resulting in a deep, savory broth. It’s served with a side of rice and other small side dishes, but I kept mine simple with just the rice.

Then I had to shower quickly and head to the car shop. My climate control system has been broken since May, which means I’ve been stuck in a sauna on crack during the summer, and have been a popsicle during this winter. I personally haven’t cared that much because I’m planning on buying a new car next year, but my mom insisted I go.

I planned on doing some shopping and visiting friends afterward before dinner with my family. Then, I was planning on heading to downtown Colorado Springs to grab a drink with my friend, so I planned a good day-to-night outfit.


It looks casual enough to wear out, but with some darker eye make-up, makes for a cute bar outfit, too.

Shirt- Abercrombie & Fitch via my sister’s closet
Jacket- Forever 21
Jeans- True Religion via Nordstrom Rack
Shoes- Not sure…another raid into my sister’s closet
Purse- Steve Madden via TJ Maxx (only $35!)




I’m in love with this bag, the blue color is great, and the hardware details go well with so may things.

Anyway, so I ended up being at the shop for four and a half hours! I finished The Hunger Games while I was there (highly recommend), read all of their magazines, and still had nothing to do for an hour, so I chatted it up with the mechanic’s wife. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done because I was already running late to dinner, BUT my heater is working! Yay!

Downtown Colorado Springs is definitely not downtown Denver, but it was something to do. On the plus side, while I was out, I ran into seven different people from high school! I haven’t seen these people from between 2000-2008, so it was really good to be able to catch up and see how people are doing years later.

I hope that your weekend is off to a great start. There’s not much on my agenda for today, but I’ll be doing a 4 mile run with my sister and her boyfriend, buying one last gift for her boyfriend, getting some final groceries with my mom, and attempting to sew myself a skirt (unless I get my hands on book 2 of the Hunger Games series!).  Until tomorrow!

Question of the Day: Does your family have any Christmas Eve traditions?


14 thoughts on “Day and Night

  1. I found your blog through Just a Colorado Gal and have been reading for awhile but haven’t commented yet! I enjoy reading your post and seeing all your food pictures. It’s good ideas for something to do in Denver.

    I love the Castle Rock Outlets, they are so much and you can always find great deals.

    I totally agree about downtown Springs not being as fun as Denver. Since I live here I try to make it work lol.

    My family’s Christmas eve tradition is getting new pjs.

  2. Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy! Such a gorgeous bag, and a good choice of outfit – I always have so much trouble coming up with something that’s as a adaptable as this! Merry Christmas 🙂

  3. Yum to that soup! My fiance did 2 study abroad terms in South Korea and we eat korean bbq quite frequently here. Do you ever go? If so, I’d love to hear which restaurants you like. We usually go to Seoul BBQ at Havana and Parker.

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