2011 Recap

Hey everyone! I can’t believe there are only two days left in the year. Time has been flying at light speed for sure. After reading recaps all over the blog world, I figured I ought to do one, too, since I’m a conformist and all (peer pressure at its finest).

Thankfully, the Facebook timeline makes it a snap to stalk myself over the past year 😀 This is probably going to be quite a long post. Without further delay, here’s my year in review (I’ll link up to anything I actually blogged about, but it’s not much since I started in October):

In January, I won my first awards trip from work, did a lot of snowboarding, and changed my tail light all by myself for the first time. (If only I looked this badass.)

February is the month that turned my world upside down in the best way possible. I broke up with my boyfriend of (nearly) 3 years, which started me down the path of happiness I’ve been on ever since. It was freakin hard, and I was in a maddening rage for a few weeks, but it’s the best thing that has happened to me so far without a doubt. I also got to take my reward trip to Park City, UT and visit some amazing restaurants for Denver Restaurant Week.

Due to the main event that went down in February, March was spent doing a lot of partying and working out. I started seeing my personal trainer, and boy did he make me realize how out-of-shape I’d become, especially on my happy hour and alcohol diet.

April was absolutely amazing because I treated myself to a trip to Barcelona, Spain! If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you go. It’s beautiful, the food is delicious, and there’s such a romantic feel to it.


I went on my 2nd rewards trip with my company in May to New Orleans! It was a blast, but I got heart burn for the first time in my life from consuming too many fried foods and sugary drinks.


I took a step back in June and kept it more low-key for the start of summer. Lots of dinner parties, mimosas by the pool, and casual nights out with my favorite girls. I also took a stab at online dating, and it was way too much for me.


Most of July was spent doing typical summer things in Denver: happy hours on warm patios, Jazz in the Park @ City Park, and heading to the mountains to cool down from the summer heat. I summited Mount Bierstadt, my second 14’er (peak over 14,000 ft) with a group of friends and went camping with Mochi the Mini Mountain Goat…he actually like hiking and climbing up and down rocks.



The biggest events in August were the 5-year anniversary of my Delta pledge sisters in Denver and Glenwood Springs, CO and going to Vegas for my good friend’s bachelorette party! (lots of photos)


We celebrated the beautiful bride’s wedding in September, but I don’t have many photos because I was in the wedding. I also got to see The Script at the Ogden Theatre.


October saw the humble birth of Fit on the Rocks, the start of my journey as a runner, and, of course, Halloween!


November is always such a special month for me because it’s my birthday! This year I celebrated my big 25th birthday with dinner at Linger and a birthday bash at Japoix. I also went snowboarding with my sister for the first time during Thanksgiving weekend.


And I can finally wind down to December. This has been quite a year of change, discovery, and peace…all of which I had been lacking for some time. I’m so happy to end this year with so many positive notes, and can’t wait to see what the new year will bring me.

Although not all in December, I registered for 3 races (Surf City Half, Cherry Creek Sneak 10 miler, and the Portland RnR Half), joined an awesome cookie exchange, completed my first double digit run, and spent some quality Christmas time with family.


I hope that you had a great year overall, and wish you the best in planning for the next! I’ll put together a New Year goals post over the weekend.

Question of the Day: What was your favorite moment of this year?  Link to your posts if you recapped!


21 thoughts on “2011 Recap

  1. What a great year! I’m jealous of all your trips 🙂 I just started my blog (last night!) so I’m hoping to put together a “year in review” post sometime today… or at least a “Holidays in review” post to start things off!

  2. Omigoodness, I have always wanted to travel to Spain. Also – random – was Delta the name of your organization or is that short for anything else?

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