I Hear a Rumbling

…in my tummy, that is. I don’t know about you readers out there who run, but I’m always hungry all day long the day after my long runs. Actually, my tummy really started grumbling as I was falling asleep last night, and came in full force this morning.

Over the past few days, I have become obsessed with a few things.

1) Overnight Oats

looks gross, tastes great

I realize this may look rather disgusting, but why have I never attempted this before?! It’s quite possibly the easiest possible breakfast in the entire world, and oh-so-good! Mine included old-fashioned oats, original almond milk, chia seeds, 2% Mango Chobani, strawberry preserves, and a big dollop of almond butter. Yummmmm. Exactly what my runner’s appetite needed this morning.

2) Blue Diamond Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds

I’ve never been one to eat nuts outside of a salad, but my mind has been changed. These were so good, and had the perfect amount of bite at the end. I’m going to be on the hunt for a giant container of these on my next shopping trip.

3) Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

I was trying to buy some chocolate milk for my post-workout fuel, but the grocery store only had whole milk chocolate milk. I don’t cringe at the calories of whole milk; I just think it’s tastes too heavy. Instead, I bought the Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk, and it’s quite yummy. Not the same as my beloved chocolate milk, but I would gladly buy it again.

I’ve also cooked up something super tasty, but I’ll share what it is tomorrow along with a product review for ZipFizz. In the meantime, here’s a preview.

I’ll be heading to the gym in about 45 minutes to try to get my name on the list for BodyPump tonight and hijack a treadmill from the new years resolution crowd for my 3 mile planned run.  Catch you tomorrow!

Question of the Day: What foods are you loving right now?


26 thoughts on “I Hear a Rumbling

  1. I’m loving chocolate rice milk and fried eggs! I don’t now why but I could seriously eat my weight in fried eggs. I like poached eggs the best but they are too difficult to make (well for a kitchen novice like me anyways!).

  2. i’ve never tried almond milk – i’m sometimes curious when i’m grocery shopping but always revert back to my beloved soymilk. i could be swayed by a dark chocolate flavoring though… hmmm..

  3. I’ve never tried chocolate almond milk before, but I do love chocolate milk so maybe I should try it out. Those wasabi almonds look good. I always saw them at the store but never buy them. I think I might next time. 🙂

    Good luck fighting with the crowds at the gym! That’s one thing I hate about new years. The gym gets packed with people and then a few weeks later, everyone is gone and the gym gets empty again.

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