Bookworms Anonymous

Hey, everyone! Back to regular non-vent postings over here. There might have been some confusion, but I wasn’t venting about anything anyone has posted on my blog. You guys/gals are the best, and I’m thankful to have people who respond with encouragement and constructive feedback.


Anyway, totally moving on now. Let me fill you guys in on some things I’ve been chowing down on over here.

I made a giant batch of crockpot salsa chicken and brown rice on Sunday night to have lunch for a majority of the week. I added in a can of corn this time around, and topped it with a giant dollop of Chobani 2% plain yogurt. It made it extra creamy and delicious!

My roommate’s mom packed up some dim sum takeout for us to eat, so I had a couple of the shrimp “crepes” with light soy. The picture makes it look like a crazy salty amount of soy sauce, but it’s very diluted.

I was craving random things when I got home from BodyPump last night, so I threw together a bowl of brown rice, a salmon burger patty, a fried egg, and some veggies. I got everything that I wanted, and it was delicious. I ate mine topped with sriracha sauce of course 😉

Awful picture, but I successfully made myself a microwave apple crisp to satisfy my sweet tooth (a la mode obviously). The “crust” was made with rolled oats, a little bit of butter, and cinnamon. Easy peasy.


I was the perfect amount of sore today. You know, where you can feel the burn, but it doesn’t make you walk around like you have a stick up your tush? Balance is the spice of life and keeps you from looking unfortunately handicapped.

I completed a 4 mile run today, which included .5 miles to the gym, 3 on the treadmill, and .5 miles back. I’m happy to say that I’m back to enjoying my runs after a nice 2 days off. I definitely will need to get new shoes because I started feeling discomfort around the 4th mile. Sad day, I haven’t even put 200 miles in my shoes yet since I just got them in October 😦 Anyway, hopefully all that blood-pumping from today’s run will help to flush out some of the lactic acid from my legs and get me back to feeling fresh tomorrow.

Nerd Love

Want to know what the highlight of my day was?

An email from the library. Yes, you read that correctly. I got really excited from an automated email from the public library stating that my holds are finally ready and on the shelf.

Nerdy Domo! (click for source)

I guess in terms of the blog world, I’m an undercover nerd. People from my high school days would say that is an incorrect statement because they thought all I ever did was read. At least I didn’t turn out socially awkward, right? Well…most of the time anyway.

I was excited because I finally get to start book 3 of The Hunger Games series, Mockingjay (though I already read the overview on Wikipedia because I couldn’t wait….). I also received two other books, one of which didn’t make it in time to read for Julie’s PBFingers Book Club: The Violets of March and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Nerd gold FTW!

Here’s the lowdown, I personally have a really weird thing with library books. I get weirded out knowing that other people have touched the books countless times, and I don’t like the smell of library books. They DO have a smell. I wasn’t always this way. When I was in elementary school, I used to get in trouble because we were only allowed to take home two books at a time from the teacher’s personal book cart, but I would go through them so quickly, that I would usually take like….eight. At least my borrow-stealing served an educational purpose.

Somehow, I got into the habit of preferring to purchase my books because I love seeing my bookshelves fill up and knowing that I own them. Buying books as quickly as I go through them, however, got to be really expensive. At my “worst” points, I was spending up to $100 a month on new books. This gets to be a major hassle for my wallet and when it comes time to move, so I’ve made peace with the stinky library books (plus, it fits into my financial goals for the new year! New books are a want, definitely not a need.)

some of my books

I’ve finally donated a bunch of my books and only keep the most recent purchases on my shelves, so it kind of functions as a personal library to my friends. I never see some of the books I lend out, but I probably won’t read them again anyway, and at least someone got to enjoy them.

If you ever need a book recommendation (or have one for me!), I encourage you to send me an email at fitontherocks (at) gmail (dot) com. I love hearing from you 🙂

I’m finally getting hungry over here, so time to dash. Catch you tomorrow!

Question of the Day: What were some of your favorite books growing up? I loved the American Girl series, Goosebumps, youth historical non-fictions/fictions, and The Scarlet Letter (I’m for real…).


17 thoughts on “Bookworms Anonymous

  1. I got a Kindle as a holiday present and your post definitely made me realize I need to keep track of how much I spend on electronic books. It’s easy to download 3-4 $10.00 books without even realizing how much I spent.

    Also thinking about doing that chicken salsa recipe as I’m nearly sold on getting a crockpot!

  2. Yeah, I really think you should invest in a Kindle or a Nook! I know you’ll really enjoy it, especially if you can rent out electronic books from the library. You don’t have to deal with the smell of library books. LOL

    My favorite books growing up were the ‘Dear America’ series. I think that’s how I started enjoying history…. LOL. I also love reading the Wayside Stories. Those cracked me up. I was also a big Roald Dahl fan.

    P.S. I’ll make pancakes for you after when we do a run in Boulder together. =D

  3. I LOVE BOOKS!! I know what you mean about wanting to see the shelves fill up. I generally catch myself buying books in airports though!! Love the it when my holds come in. I WANT THAT VIOLETS OF MARCH BOOK! 🙂

  4. Gosh do I LOVEEEE reading! Historical fiction is my new favorite category, I can’t seem to get enough of them! I read Pillars of the earth a few months ago and good lawddd was it enjoyable. I wish I could re-read it for the first time!

  5. I love the goosebumps series but I get freaked out everytime I read it and would get so terrified at night that I had to stop reading it! Haha!

    My sister loves the babysitter club series and I would try to read those too. And I loved all of the Junie B. Jones books. I was such a kid. 🙂

  6. oh man does that dim sum look GOOD. My favorite books were definitely the american girl doll books. That was before the day though when they had like 200 + dolls. I also loved the wayside school stories. Oh ya, Miss Piggly Wiggly was pretty fabulous too.

  7. ah how I’ve always wished to be a nerd! lol. When I came to the US, I fell in love with the Baby-Sitter’s Club books! And of course, Harry Potter at the time as well. During high school, I couldn’t stand “Great Expectations” and the fact that I read that book in honors English didn’t help either. I think I barely passed at the end! xD But I think my favorites in high school were “Johnny Got His Gun” (super sad and dramatic!) and Scarlet Letter. Have a wonderful day!

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