A Fooding I Will Go (Part 1)

Thank you all for the congratulations! I’m so happy to have my first race under my belt, and I’m ready to take on more. I wouldn’t say I’m quite addicted to racing yet because this half was definitely tough, so we’ll see what happens after my next 2 races. I have a full recap in the works, so here’s an eating post in the meantime.

I ate very well while I was out here in the land of sunshine and highways. I made my way all over Southern California for the race, to meet up with friends, and lounge. Jennifer was a doll and let me put the miles on her vehicle for most of the trip until I picked up Jelly Bean from the rental place yesterday. Say hello to Jelly Bean aka Bumble Bee.


Anyway, every single morning, Jennifer’s awesome mom made us a traditional Korean meal. Korean people don’t generally eat super “breakfasty” foods. It’s more like what you would eat any other time of day, which consists of rice, a soup/stew, and side dishes. Her family doesn’t really eat dinner, and I can totally understand why. After eating one of her mom’s breakfasts and lunch out, I’m completely stuffed pretty much well into the night. I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want her parentals to think I was really weird, but you can take my word for how good it was.


We picked up Joyce from the airport after Jennifer got off of work on Friday, and we headed to Koreatown for some drinking and food. We went to Gaam, which is a Korean lounge with lots of food, good drinks, and interesting people watching (I might only find it interesting because I’m never surrounded by so many Korean people when I’m in Denver).


We ordered a few rounds of yogurt soju (soju mixed with Korean-style yogurty beverage) and makkoli (a milky Korean rice wine).


Once our appetites kicked in, we ordered their spicy chicken wings and 부대찌개 (budae jjigae). Budae jjigage literally translates to “army base stew” because food was scarce during the Korean War, so families would take ingredients that was in surplus around the American army bases to make soup. You can pretty much put whatever in there, but it always has ramen noodles, veggies, and sausages and/or SPAM. It’s a good drinking food, and was promptly inhaled.



After eating breakfast and running a couple of errands, the three of us were off to Orange County for the Race Expo and some sunshine. [I’ll cover the expo when I write my recap.]

It was a bit chilly when the wind was blowing at Huntington Beach, but we had a grand ol time playing in the sand and sun.




flight sequence

All that Superman business got us hungry, so we headed out to Sancho’s Tacos for, well, tacos. I got a grilled fish taco and a vegetable taco.


Along with a side of their fresh-made tortilla chips and salsa.


The fish taco was absolutely amazing, but the veggies was meh. It was way too soggy and lacking in flavor. Joyce said her carnitas taco was the best, so I wish I had gotten one of those instead. Next time.

Shortly after we finished eating, we met up with Ngoc, Kim, and Kris. We all stayed at Ngoc’s apartment that night (minus Kris) since she lives a short ten-minute drive from the start line. Kris had to meet up with her family for dinner, so we hung out on the Pier for a bit before we parted ways.


We arrived at the apartment so that we could wash off the beach funk and head to eat some major carbs at Mama D’s in Newport. The line at this place is no joke. We ended up having to wait two hours to get a table, so we went to the brewery next door for a beer. The staff at the restaurant was extremely friendly when we wandered back over and were offering bread and bites of appetizers while we waited.

mama ds

When we finally got our table, we ordered immediately because it was already about 9pm at this point. We started off with calamari, which was fried just right and without too much breading. Served with a side of their marinara sauce.


And more bread. Show me the carbs!


Their portions were huge, so we split three entrees among the five of us. First up was their Roma pasta with their special pink sauce, extra artichokes and baby scallops. Holy yum…this was my favorite dish of the night.


The chicken parm was another table favorite because they give you a large serving of chicken, which worked out well for our table of five. It was served with roasted vegetables and a plain side of spaghetti and marinara.


Although the chicken was stellar, I was a bigger fan of the Signature Seafood Pasta. The noodles were bathed in a flavorful tomato broth and had seafood galore.


I ended up eating way too much, and the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies they brought out with the check put me over the edge. I was seriously worried I would die during the half in the morning. Obviously I didn’t, but I was that full.

Part 2 with my last three days of eating coming up later!

Question of the Day: What’s the best thing you ate this past weekend?


12 thoughts on “A Fooding I Will Go (Part 1)

  1. I’m so jealous of your adventures in California. I’ve only been there once and I seriously dream about going back. Hopefully sometime soon. I had never had Korean food, but I’d really love to try. I know there’s a Koreatown in NYC somewhere!
    The best thing I ate this weekend was sushi on Friday night. Can’t wait to hear about the race!

  2. damn! the beach looks awesome – i bet you aren’t missing the snow here! and your eats look delicious too – i’m a big fan of korean – we should go sometime in denver and you can show me what you like to eat! my fiance and i always get the same things.

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