Say Freeze

Hola~ I hope that you’ve had a good week so far; it’s almost FRIDAY! Woohooo šŸ™‚


I actually wasn’t feeling well this morning when I woke up, so I called in to work and got some more zzz’s. When I finally woke up, my roomie was about to make breakfast, so I made some pumpkin oats, and she made scrambled eggs. We never eat breakfast together since our schedules are different, so it was a nice change in the (late) morning.


Afterwards, I took Mochi to the groomer so that they could buzz off his precious fluff. It just doesn’t jive well with snow and will get matted less in his new sweater. While I waited for him to finish, I took a nap because I was still feeling a bit bleh.

Lunch & Dinner

Since we picked up some Chinese food yesterday, I had lots of basil chicken. I loveĀ basil chicken, but this place did not make it as spicy as the Thai restaurants do. It was a bit disappointing, but still tasted good.

basil chicken

basil chicken


After my nap and lunch, I was finally feeling alive and itching to work out. The sidewalks had melted enough from the snow storm to run, so I headed out the door….




….without appropriate attire. It was about 35 degrees and veryĀ sunny, so I didn’t think it would be that badĀ since it felt comfy with my wool peacoat on. I strolled outside with capris, a tank top, and a thin running zip-up. No gloves. No hat. No brain.

run attire

I really have no idea what I was thinking. I guess all that sleep and the cold numbed my brain down a bit, along with my ears, face, hands, and legs. In my head, I figured I would warm up after a mile or so and then cruise from there, but my legs would not defrost. Twas not my most pleasant run, so I did 3.53 miles and called it a day.

It also made me realize how crappy Forever 21 workout clothes are for outdoor winter activity (my tank top). Dry-fit (or a variation of it) is boss now. Sure, the cheap, cute stuff works well for Zumba, BodyPump, and indoor stuff, but the lack of moisture wicking = freaking coldness when it’s freezing and windy. I have learned my lesson.

Be Thankful Challenge

Today, I am thankful for having a job (and sick days!). I complain about it a lot, but there are a ton of people out there who aren’t finding any and struggling like I was when I first graduated from CU.

I’m going to call it a night soon, so have a fantastic Friday!

Question of the Day: What weather conditions do you absolutely refuse to workout in?


Halloween Rest Day

Hey Everyone! What a Monday. Oh, and………

This little guy, Domo, cracks me up. Seeing this photo brought a nice smile to my face, and smiles are much needed. Today has been quite a roller coaster ride for me. I’ll say more about why in a later post, but my day was full of high highs and low lows. Every day can’t be a complete winner. At least I had this cute face waiting for me when I got home.


Dogs are just the greatest. They don’t care if you’ve left them at home all day and are ready to give you plenty of love when you finally make it back šŸ™‚ Mochi is just the funniest little shadow that I could have asked for.

I started off my day with oats + almond butter + chia seeds as seen in my recycled photo.


Lunch and dinner were very similar to my dinner from last nightĀ since I’ve been short on time and wasn’t in the mood to cook today. Yay for leftovers šŸ™‚ The mix included steamed veggies, leftover rotisserie chicken, and mixed whole grains. I also enjoyed a Fage yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth.


One of our VPs purchased beer for us again since our team as a whole hit our numbers out of the park today. This was one of the more down moments of my day. There were some snags I encountered, and I didn’t finish the quarter up as well as I usually do. At least I’ll have a head start on the next quarter, right? I tried this lighter version of their classic cider, but only ended up drinking a few sips.


How much wood would a wood chuck chuck?

After this whirlwind of a day, I’ve decided to take the day off from working out so that I can relax and catch up on some reading. My right foot is feeling a bit tender today anyway, so it worked out. I hope that you all had a great Halloween and start to your week!

Question of the Day:Ā What’s your favorite way to unwind after a rough day?

Slow Songs for Long Runs

Happy Sunday šŸ™‚ I can’t believe this weekend has already come to an end. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

I happily slept in until almost noon today after going out again for Halloweekend festivities. I kept myself together better than I did the night before, so that’s always good news. Being that I missed working out yesterday and knowing that Sundays are put aside for my longer runs, I made sure to keep the drinking at a minimum (and thankfully succeeded).

Before my run, I had a bagel thin with peanut butter and a banana as well as a serving of the Vega Sport Performance Optimizer to get some extra zip in my bloodstream. No smiley face today.

running fuel

I went out intending to do just 4 or 5 miles, but I ended up covering 6.44 miles! I had a really bad long run last Sunday, and I think a good part of that was due to me trying to run faster than I knew I should. Instead of focusing on enjoying my run, I ended up in a lot of agony both mentally and physically.

Not today! I kept my pace nice and slow to ensure I properly warmed up and made sure to enjoy the views along the way. I didn’t have a route pre-planned, so I decided to do a bit of a community running tour. My neighborhood is a mixed-income community, so there are homes from the low ranges all the way up to the multi-millions. I definitely don’t live in one of the hot shot houses (or a house in general), but I thought it’d be fun to see them all today. Maybe someday, eh?

Baller Avenue

I think one of the biggest reasons I felt so good today was my choice in music. I have the newb tendency to start off too fast and end up pooped. Because of such, listening to house mash-ups and club mixes doesn’t really help since I want to jam out and run fast.

The running gods must have gotten the hint because the first several songs that played during my run were much slower. Listening to the likes of Adele and The Script made me slow down and ease in to the run.


Despite stopping to take pictures and stretch out some muscle tightness, I still finished my run about 10 minutes faster than I did last week. I’ll call that a win for sure.Ā After the results from today, I’ll definitely be revamping my playlist to include more slow songs that I can cruise along to.

Air Force Museum

Air Force Museum

Once I got back, I didn’t have much of an appetite, so I blended up a power protein smoothie to enjoy during my not-so-enjoyable ice bath. Although the run felt great, my left hip felt a little irritated after, and I wanted to make sure I took care of it before it became a problem.


Bendy straws make everything more fun, don't they?

I just picked up some new books from theĀ Tattered Cover, an awesome local book store, but I won’t be able to dive into those until tomorrow. I managed to make plans for tonight instead of going to bed early, which is probably a dumb move, so no time for reading.

Anyway, I’m about to sit down to a yummy dinner of Target rotisserie chicken, Green Giant veggie/potato blend, and some Near East whole grains and then get myself together for tonight. Oh, and yes, I ate the skin šŸ˜›

I hope that you have an enjoyable evening!

Question:Ā What are some of your favorite songs to run to (especially slower songs)? I can always use a playlist update šŸ™‚