Kombucha What?

T.G.I.F. Everyone! I’m so glad for it to be the weekend! I have a few things to really look forward to this weekend, so I’m more than ready enough to get started.


I was dying to get some sun today, so I went out for lunch with a couple of my friends from work. We stopped by Cooks Fresh Market, which is a deli and specialty foods store downtown. I was in the mood for a few different things, so I went with the steak salad and posole verde soup with chicken and pork.

Their steak salad isn’t as good as the one from Mod Market, but still one of my faves. It comes with mixed greens, red onions, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, and, of course, STEAK! I am a carnivore who accepts the need for veggies 😛

steak salad

The soup was great and had a great mix of hominy, veggies, and small chunks of meat + a small slice of a whole wheat baguette.

Cooks Fresh

The food was good and all, but I was really drawn to this crazy concoction:


Cherry Chia Kombucha. If you don’t see anything weird in the above photo, maybe this closer image will help.


I had never really heard of kombucha before, but I remember seeing one of these bad boys on a blog entry from Allie at Live Laugh Eat and thought it looked pretty cool. I like chia seeds, so I figured I would give it a try. It was pretty good! It tasted kind of like a sour cherry jello that you didn’t put in the fridge for long enough.

As much as I enjoyed it, I did not enjoy the price tag. It was $4. I probably will not be buying this again. It also kinda freaked me out because I am one of those special people with trypophobia, an unofficial “phobia” of clustered holes, dots, bumps, you get the picture. Or let me show you..





For the sake of the blog world, I have sufficiently disgusted myself until I hit publish and don’t have to look at these pictures anymore. If you got feelings of significant discomfort, itchy skin, or nausea from looking at these, you probably have trypophobia. According to an article on the Popular Science website, it isn’t considered a real phobia because the

“American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders says must interfere “significantly with the person’s normal routine”.

Most people, like me, function just fine in life. The thing is, looking at pictures like above or even things in normal life really creeps me the f*ck out. Like for real. I don’t like seeing goosebumps on my arms, water droplets on my windshield, clusters of bubbles in foam, and things of that sort. I don’t walk around telling people this because I can function just fine, it just really disturbs me while I’m looking at it.

So how do I eat chia seeds? When they’re dry or in my oatmeal, it just looks like scattered grains. In the kombucha…notsomuch.


I ran a light 2.7 miles with Quynh today after work, and it was what I needed to wake myself up and get this weekend started!

Be Thankful Challenge

Today I am thankful for *finally* dressing appropriately to run outside. It made a big difference and I enjoyed myself much more.

Ok, I’m off to get ready for a going away dinner, so until next time! Have a great start to your weekend!


Back At One

Good Evening! Don’t you miss good old R&B songs sometimes? I used to love Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, and all of those oldies. My post title has to do with something else (explained later on), but it made me a bit nostalgic 🙂


I’m pretty boring and eat pretty much the same thing every single morning. A package of oatmeal from BetterOats + a large scoop of almond butter + a spoonful of chia seeds. All I had left in the jar at my desk was the hard-to-get layer on the bottom, so I threw in my oatmeal to get it all out.


I stopped by Thao’s office to pick up the BIC band that I ordered with her. On the way back, I picked up a veggie-loaded Chipotle burrito bowl that I ate in 2 parts because it was so huge! Take a look!

Monster Burrito Bowl


Since I ate such a huge 2-part lunch, I decided to keep it pretty light for dinner. I ended up putting together a yummy salad (that does not look so yummy in my camera phone photos) of spinach, diced tomato, crumbled salmon burger, and goat cheese.

Workout + Refresh

I decided to join Maly for a run through Wash Park after work, and we ended up completing around 3.5 miles. I felt really good in my new shoes, but we cut the run a bit short because the sun was going down rapidly, and this genius (me) forgot how cold it can get when the sun starts setting and only wore a tank top. [When you’re in the sun during the fall/winters in CO, it’s actually quite warm due to elevation, but as soon as you’re in the shade or the sun goes down, grab some layers. Our run started around 60 degrees and ended closer to 40…brrr.] Needless to say, I was freezing and was the only idiot dressed incorrectly for the weather. I still have “running newb” plastered across my face.

I’ve been needing to reassess my eating habits and start back at square one (ie. counting 80% of my calories). Since I picked up running about 3 weeks ago, I allowed myself a free for all with eating, especially extra carbs, and I’m really feeling it. I already eat a bit of carbs because I am one of those Asians who has to have rice or something carb-y every day, but I was increasing my uptake of refined, heavenly carbs as seen here and here.

Maybe if I was an elite marathoner or something, this would be cool to do. Sadly, I am not. So I’ve had to reevaluate my caloric expenditure and readjust my intake. Just when I thought I had this junk figured out, my slightly tighter clothes and unhappily bloated belly told me otherwise. I’ve been skimping out on the veggies lately, and it’s time I restocked my stash and fed my body right.

While at the grocery store restocking said veggies, there was a sale on my favorite BetterOats oatmeal (88 cents!) and Fage yogurt ($1!), so I went a bit bonkers. Photo does not show all of the boxes that were purchased, BUT they were only 88 cents! I mean, how could I not stock up when I know I’ll eat them? Also, if you have not tried the 2% Fage or Chobani, you’re missing out! The calorie difference in nominal, and the texture is unbeatable. Do yourself a favor and buy some.

I’m going to attempt to get a reasonable amount of sleep in tonight, so have a great night!

Question: Have you recently hit a plateau in your weight loss/training? What did you do to get over it?


Boo for it being the last day of the weekend; I’m so not ready to go back to work yet 😦 I let myself sleep in today, and that was either the most awesome or worst thing I could have done. I slept until about 11am and then took a few short naps here and there…whoops!

I was able to complete a 6.6 mile leisurely run/jog/walk with Leenae today. I felt bad for her because she hasn’t ran in a long time, and we started her out on my long run day…double whoops. She was a trooper though, and we finished!

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been crazy about the chia seeds this weekend! I only took pictures of two of the things because chia seeds don’t really look that appetizing, especially when they’ve absorbed water.

I got this recipe via PB Fingers, and it was just as good as good as I had hoped.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia 'Pudding'

I also made myself a yummy bowl of pumpkin oats for breakfast, and topped it with some chia seeds as well.

Fall in a bowl.

It’s time to head to bed over here, so I hope that you had a great weekend!