‘In Time’ Movie Screening

Good (Chilly) Evening!

I was lucky enough to join Quynh tonight for a free movie screening of In Time, featuring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. I have a movie review, but first things first.


Since it’s the end of quarter, we got free breakfast at the office today, but it’s usually pretty fatty (and delicious). Today it was so-so. They ordered biscuit sandwiches from Chick Fil A, but they didn’t order any chicken ones, just sausage and bacon. What the eff. It caused quite the morning riot 😛

I opted for sausage since I’m not really a bacon person, and I ate mine with grape jelly and Tabasco (don’t judge until you try it! I thought it was gross, too!).

Since breakfast was so heavy, I opted to have my usual oatmeal w/almond butter and chia seeds for lunch and snacked on some Greek yogurt and hummus w/celery.

I had to run home, take Mochi out for a walk, eat dinner, and then head over to Quynh’s house all within an hour to make it to the movie. To save time, I used my leftover ingredients to make a repeat of yesterday’s salad minus the tuna and Light Sesame Dressing in place of salsa. Needless to say, today ended up being my off day, so it’s a good thing I worked out yesterday!

Hello Bi-Polar Weather

Oh, the meteorologists were right, and it finally feels like October, meaning we got snow (and it’s going to keep coming down in heaps until tomorrow afternoon).

Enjoy my time progression 🙂 The last picture looks so blurry and hazy because the snow flurries are just starting to get intense.

In Time

I hadn’t heard of this movie until Quynh asked if I wanted to go, but I’m glad I decided to go along. I won’t give away much in case some of you are planning on seeing it when it comes out this weekend.

The movie takes place in a time when humans are genetically engineered to stop aging once they turn 25. From the moment they turn 25, a year’s worth of time that is pre-populated onto their “clock” (see glowing green numbers in picture above) starts ticking down. From that moment onward, time is the sole currency that is used in society: you are paid with it, pay for items with it, bet it, you name it. People can still die normally, but you can live forever if you accrue enough time without being murdered, committing suicide, or getting into a fatal accident. Once your time runs out, your heart automatically stops, and you’re dead. No resuscitation here.

Because of the possibility of murder and theft of time, which is exchanged with a special arm link or devices, different “time zones” keep people of similar time living together. It’s like immigration fences on expensive crack. Anway, poor Justin and rich Amanda meet and go through one hell of a time together. This is pretty much all that I can say without giving anything away.

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie because it’s a concept that’s fresh and interesting, like when Inception came out. I can’t say that it’s nearly as good as Inception, but it was definitely worth watching. There was a good enough mix of cheesy romance and violent-ish action to keep everyone happy, and the theater gave it an applause. I might have also found it particularly interesting because I’ve always said that I’d want to be 25 forever. Maybe they performed inception while I was sleeping? 😀 Anyway, definitely check it out if you were planning on keeping this Halloween weekend more low-key!

It’s getting late over here, and I need to leave early since there’s supposed to be 3-12 inches of snow by the morning, hopefully closer to 3. Good night!

Question: Are there any other movies that you’re planning on seeing? Any good suggestions on movies in general?