Long Run Sundays: Tea Party + The B Word

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Nothing popped up in the local news about Friday’s gym incident, so I’m going to take that to mean that the person is okay.

Yesterday, I met a bunch of my girlfriends at Wystone’s World Teas for some late afternoon treats. We went there a couple of months ago for a tea tasting and fell in love with the place. It’s a fairly casual place, but they have a great selection of teas, and their food is good, too.

I started off with the coconut green tea that I had last time. I don’t normally care much for coconut, but this tea is so good.

I didn’t have lunch yet, so I ordered the cucumber tea sandwiches with vegetable soup.

Well, when the dish came out, it came with tomato soup. Our waiter said he thought I would like to try that one instead, so he brought it out with my dish and then brought me my vegetable soup separately for no extra charge. I already love their tomato soup, so it was nice to have both.

Tomato soup wins for sure, but it was nice to get a dose of veggies. To satisfy my sweet tooth, I also ordered an apple cinnamon scone that came with raspberry sauce and cream.

The scone was still warm when it came out and was oh-so-good! The other girls ordered desserts, and they were all so tasty.

It was so nice to chit chat over tea and yummy treats before heading down to Colorado Springs to take Mochi to my mom’s house. Since I have to work late pretty much all this week, I figured it would be good to have Mochi go down a week early rather than be cooped up at home for 12+ hours alone. Bye bye for a few weeks, Mochi 😦

A Dreaded B* Word

No, I’m not talking about the word that Jay-Z decided he’s going to give up for a week since having a daughter. I think I’ve figured out why my feet have been in pain since that one awful run a couple of weeks ago. My sister saw my feet and made fun of how I have a bump that protrudes near each of my pinky toes.

I ended up Googling it, and the search results all pointed to one thing: bunions, actually, bunionettes to be more specific. Gross. I thought only old, overweight people got those…ignorance is bliss. I’m not an advocate of self-diagnosing, but I’m nearly 100% certain it’s what I’m currently suffering from.

It turns out that this is much more common in women than men because of high heels and pointed toe shoes. Basically, it is caused by restrictive shoes that cause the base of the pinky toe to move out of position, causing the bump to form and the pinky toe to turn in toward the 4th toe.

click for source

That’s exactly what my foot looks like. The only non-surgical treatments are to wear less restrictive shoes, no high heels, orthotics, cushions, and less activity that puts pressure on the bunionette. The last ditch treatment is surgery. Fantastic. For now, the wide-width ASICS that I purchased are going to have to do. I feel okay during the run, but the outsides of my feet are tender afterwards.

Well, they must be doing better than just getting me by. My times have been improving greatly since I purchased them. So, I completed last week’s 11 mile run in 2:06. Well, I finished today’s 12 mile run in 2:10!!! Did I mention that I also completed this without music? I’m pretty stoked. I wasn’t even breathing hard for most of the run, I took 30-60 second walk breaks every mile to ease the pressure in my newly-discovered bunionettes, and still averaged a 10:30 min/mile pace. Yay!

With the adrenaline from race day pushing me, I wonder what time I’ll be able to get for my half marathon in 2 weeks! I’m not set on achieving a specific time since it’s my first race, but I’m dying to know how well I’ll be able to do. We’ll see soon!

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite type of tea? Any tips for a first race and first half marathon? I’m going to be asking for tips probably for the next 2 weeks haha.


Code Blue at the Gym

Hey, everyone! I hope that your weekend is off to a great start.

I was up bright and early this morning because I had to take Mochi to the vet. I’m not sure which he hates more: the vet or the groomer? Either way, he was not happy when his joyous car ride ended up at the vet’s office. His ears were really gross, and the groomer wasn’t able to clean it well.

NOOOOO......Let me go home!

The vet said it could possibly be ear mites (wtf?!?!!) or an infection, so they needed to take some samples to look at ($$$) to determine what was going on. Turns out, he doesn’t have ear mites (thank goodness), nor does he have an ear infection. It’s just that his fur is so fine that the hairs in his ears were catching on to everything and holding it all in.

I told you it was no big deal.

Well, now his ears are sparkly clean. There is one downside though: his ear cleaning cost me $100/a Benjamin/a bill/100 smackeroos. On top of that, they said it’s about time he gets his first teeth cleaning, which will cost me an additional $400. Oh. My. Savings. I’m lucky I haven’t had to get his teeth cleaned sooner because his breed (mostly Maltese) is known for having terrible teeth, so they’re surprised he’s almost 4 and his teeth look pretty decent. I’m slightly scared because he’s going to be knocked out while they do it and has to spend the entire day at the vet’s office to recover 😦

Moral of the story: designer dogs = designer prices for healthcare. Yikes.

Anywho…Leenae and I had a scary experience at the gym last night. We ran to the gym, hopped on some treadmills, and were getting through our run for the day when all of a sudden, the speaker system comes on (which I’ve never heard used before), and they’re yelling “Attention all personal trainers, Code Blue. Attention all trainers, code blue. Please report immediately to the 2nd floor cardio area.”

Immediately, you see trainers running up the stairs and a crowd gathering near a treadmill on the other side of the cardio area from where we were running. People are running with water, towels, first aid kits, and whatever else they can put their hands on. Then, the intercom comes on again and we hear “Attention guests, if there is a doctor in the house, please report to the front desk”. By this time, we’re really wondering what is going on, but we stay put so that we don’t get in the way. There’s people saying that they think the person had a seizure while they were running, but nobody knows for sure. The paramedics eventually got there and took the person away, but what a scary experience! I hope that whoever it was is okay.

After things settled down, we finished our run and headed down to do some weights.

Blue- Completed in supersets repeated 3 times

I don’t have any food to post because I sucked and didn’t put my memory card into my camera yesterday, and my phone was taking crappier pictures than normal. I did however, eat half of a delicious Nutella + strawberry crepe, salmon w/sauteed spinach & mashed sweet potatoes, and a really tasty bagelwich. Hopefully I’m more on top of it this weekend!

Anywho, I need to get myself together and head out to meet some girls for tea. I’ll catch you tomorrow!

Questions of the Day: If you have a dog, did he/she ever need a teeth cleaning? How was it? Have you ever had a scary experience at the gym?

Fun Friday

Hey, ya’ll! Guess who got 8 hours of sleep last night? That’s right, this girl.

Thao trying to keep me from rebounding onto the floor again. Taken summer '11.


After I got home and walked Mochi, I hit the gym for a run and BodyPump. Although I was supposed to get in 6 miles with 3 miles of speed work, I only had enough time to do 4.5 before the class started. I’m proud to say that I did four 800m segments, each under 10 min/mile (quick for me). I was going to focus more on speed work these last couple of weeks before my first half marathon, but it’s becoming less important for me because my goal for this first race is to finish smiling. I’ll do more speed stuff before my next half in May 😉 As for BodyPump, yesterday was the last class I’m taking before release 80 comes out this weekend…ahhh! I heard 80 is supposed to be a killer, so I’m really nervous and excited. We shall see.

Anyway, I ate a quick dinner, cleaned up, and crawled into bed with a book around 9pm. It was glorious, and I feel fantastic. I think I’ll be back to 100% after one more night of good rest.

I’ve got a fun-filled evening after work today, so time cannot fly fast enough. I’m going to head to Sushi Sasa with my roomie before heading to Little Man Ice Cream in the Highlands to pick up some goods before going to Quynh’s house for our fantastic girl’s night in. We’ve got some boozing, (more) eating, and movie watching in the books for tonight.

I’ll be sure to post up some awesome eats and what not tomorrow, so here’s something for you in the meantime.

Fun Friday Randoms

1) My newest blog addiction: Cupcakes and Cashmere

2) It’s so cold in the office today, I was sporting the T-Rex look. Sexy, no?

3) What happens to your nails when you’re sleep-deprived, busy, and just don’t care.

4) My dog needs to be groomed and thinks he’s a human. Yes, his head is on my pillow while he lays on his back. I wake up with him like this every morning…Animal Farm anyone?

5) Why walruses will never truly be extinct.

Sounds like a lot of you guys need as much sleep as I do in order to function, so rest up this weekend!

Question of the Day: Any fun plans for the weekend?