Fruit for the Lazy

Happy Thursday Tuesday everyone! Since tomorrow is my last day of work for the week, I feel like it’s already Thursday.

I was feeling super lazy yesterday, and because it was my off day, I ended up just bumming out with Quynh after picking up some very random food from Target. Our dinner consisted of the following bits of things: steak and veggie kabob (yes, just one), hard boiled eggs, cocktail shrimp, steamed broccoli, rotisserie chicken, Near East Wild Mushroom and Herb couscous, Fresh Express Pear Gorgonzola Salad w/goat cheese (more on this), and chocolate pudding.


The items pictured were my original plan for dinner. Then, I got to Quynh’s house and was greeted with the random mix of other things, and it was fabulous. I swear my tummy thinks I’m going to starve to death if I don’t eat for an army.

Now, back to the salad. Oh my YUM!!! I never buy salad kits from the store because it’s usually loaded with junk I don’t care to eat, but this one sounded too good.


The pear gorgonzola vinaigrette was fantastic! Add some nuts and dried pears, and we have ourselves a winner. I could have used some avocado in addition to the goat cheese, but I’ll save that for next time.

I’m Too Lazy For Many Fruits

I was chatting with Thao earlier and telling her how I was already hungry at 10am. I mentioned that I have an apple sitting on my desk from our weekly office fruit delivery that I could eat, but then I said I was too lazy to eat it because I didn’t have my nifty apple slicing device at work with me.


The thing is, I’m really lazy when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Unless I’m cooking, it’s hard for me to make myself take the time to peel, slice, clean my fruits and veggies for snacking purposes, so things tend to go to waste. I prefer eating them when they’re presented to me like so…


Therefore, I usually stick to frozen fruits and veggies, or I have to force myself to wash, peel, and/or cut everything as soon as I get home from the grocery store so that I can pack them away before I get lazy, and they go bad.

It drives my mother up the wall when I tell her that I don’t want any fruit, but I promptly eat the whole plate as soon as she gets to cutting some up. She should know by now 😛 I don’t know what it is because I have no problem with getting myself to get through bananas, grapes, berries, and those types of fruits, but apples, oranges, watermelon, pears, and other “more difficult to eat” fruits turn me into a lazy non-eater.

Alright, now you know one more useless fact about me lol.


I have to tutor tonight, but I’ll be heading to my apartment gym to tackle my first run on my training calendar. Thank goodness it’s an easy 3 mile run because I’m going to be exhausted by the time I get home.

Be Thankful Challenge

Today, I’m thankful for ponytails. They keep you looking somewhat fresh when you woke up way too late to take a shower. Not that I did that…:roll:

Question of the Day: What is your weirdest food habit? Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets lazy with fruit.


Long Run Sundays: Surfs Up

Happy Sunday! I hope that your weekend has been swell and full of relaxation.

I’ve been semi-MIA from the blog world for a couple of days now because I had a friend from out of town staying with me the whole weekend. She moved for work, so it’s always a great time when she comes back to visit. We’ve been busy eating, shopping, and meeting up with friends all weekend long. Every time she’s here, it almost feels like I’m having a mini vacay since we do so much stuff and hang out with so many people 🙂


Needless to say, I didn’t get much running in this weekend. Aside from our 4 mile run yesterday, I took a short running break and skipped my Sunday long run. I think it’s best because a) I had a hangover from last night (no puke face today), b) I didn’t want to aggravate my hip since it was achy yesterday, and c) I’m officially moving into training mode as of this week!

If you stopped by yesterday, you should have noticed my race confirmation screen shot for the 2012 Surf City Half Marathon! I’m SO excited because it’s a beautiful course that runs along Huntington Beach (and cute surfer boys *cough cough*).


So, what gives? I just signed up for the Portland Rock n Roll Half Marathon that will take place in late May, but it feels entirely too far off. I’ve already reached a long run distance of 9 miles, so knowing that I don’t have any reason to be running so much right now was somewhat demotivating. I seriously thought it would take me 8 months to train for Portland, but my body likes running more than I thought it would.

Because I started running about 2 months ago, I figured that February would be a great time to tackle a half marathon. The thing is, there is no way in hell I would run one in Colorado in February because you would probably find me frozen along the side of the street somewhere. I did a search for half marathons in February, and Surf City was at the top of the list. Mild weather + beaches +great food + cheap flight = WINNER. It also helps that I have several friends in LA I can recruit as my hotel, taxi, and cheerleading squad, so it was an easy choice 😉 Thanks, friends!


This race is going to be glorious. I mean, look at that beach! It’s not Hawaii, but I haven’t seen a beach since I went to Spain in April, so I’ll gladly take what I can get since the closest thing we have to a beach here is along a lake. It probably won’t be warm enough to work on my tan, but it’s definitely going to be warmer than Colorado! Plus, I’m sure my running tan lines will not look sexy in a bikini.

This gives me more motivation to work on getting in more runs during the week since I know I’ll have to complete this half marathon in about 10 weeks. No more using work/tutoring or my hate of the treadmill as an excuse to run some other time. As such, I also need to look for a good training schedule, so I’ll post it up once I find one that I like.


I can’t wait to head to the expo to get my race bib. They give you the option to personalize your bib, so I took full advantage of the opportunity. I might be the only one who thinks I am clever and funny, but mine is going to say “Half Virgin”. Yup, that’s right, and I’m going to be wearing that damn thing proudly. That’s enough rambling for a night, so I’ll catch you all tomorrow!

Be Thankful Challenge

Today I’m thankful for Crystal Light. I normally don’t like the stuff, but I hate the taste of water after a night of drinking because it tastes like I’m chugging vodka or tequila…GROSS!

Question of the Day: Do you have any tips for half marathon training?

I Couldn’t Resist

Hey All! It’s so good to have my friend in town for the weekend! We went out for a bit last night and then talked until early into the morning.


We woke up late and lazied around a bit before heading out for a 4 mile run. My left hip was giving me some issues, so we walked a bit, but it was so nice to have someone there to run with 🙂

Registration Preview

We’re running on a bit of a tight schedule today, so I’ll be sure to do a full report tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a preview of what I’ve gotten myself into…

I’m soooo excited! More tomorrow. We need to head to the mall to get some dancing clothes for tonight 😉

Be Thankful Challenge

Today I’m thankful for sunny days in the middle of winter. They keep me from getting darkness blues aka SAD.

Question of the Day: What’s your ideal winter climate?